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David Letterman mocks Donald Trump for failed stunt

Mackenzie Dye

David Letterman and Donald Trump's interview calmed the feud through mockery

The talk show host makes fun of ‘October surprise’

David Letterman had Donald Trump on his late night talk show Oct. 25 to poke fun at Trump’s failed “October surprise,” which he said would be an election game changer. The surprise was a $5 million offer to President Obama for the charity of his choice if he released his college transcripts.

As David Letterman asked Donald Trump, why would he be concerned over Obama’s academic record? “Transparency,” said Trump.

Donald Trump told David Letterman during their sit down that his aim in asking the President for his college transcripts would terminate the election completely. Trump believed that by bringing the spotlight to Obama’s college transcripts would start, once again, the debate over his birth certificate.

“It took Obama six years to get his birth certificate. John McCain wanted it, Hilary Clinton wanted it; it was never revealed until I got involved…I could get you mine in less than an hour,” said Trump to Letterman.

David Letterman disagreed, saying that despite the amount of time it took Obama to give what Trump calls “simple papers,” the President does not need to meet his demands.

“But I like to think of a president being as above coercion or simple blackmail, here,” replied David Letterman during the interview before bringing up the Trump-endorsed Governor Mitt Romney’s tax return records.

The interview appeared to be light-hearted despite the past feud between David Letterman and Donald Trump. From Trump’s hair to a possible splitting of the $5 million between the two, Trump considered the interview to be a success.

“Letterman @Late_Show was great last night. I had a lot of fun. You could see his audience really wanted Obama to take the $ for charity,” he tweeted.

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