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Crazy ants intrusion

Jalesa Hall

Crazy ants

Mass movement of crazy ants found in FL, TX, MS and LA

Far from your neighborhood ant colony, Caribbean crazy ants probably migrated from South America, according to the Christian Science Monitor. Now, they are attempting to make a home in places like Florida, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana. These ants typically come in large numbers and exterminating methods like electrocution and fertilizer only attract more to come.

After developing the nickname “Crazy,” because of their incredible speed, it is no surprise that these ants have the capability to short out industrial equipment. Not particular to urban or rural communities, typically crazy ants commute by travel containers, potted plants, motorcycles or moving vans. These ants do not build anthills and usually refuge in sheltered, moist homes. Their diet consists of either plants or animals.

The main concern is control. Controlling these ants has proved to be not only difficult, but costly. The states, currently affected, are attempting to control these “crazy” ants, to stop further migration. One alleged reason for the recent spread has been linked to hay bales for livestock moved from one place to another, due to the drought in Texas. Exterminators are hoping for a solution soon before the problem worsens.

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