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College majors that lead to careers in the green sector

The green sector is growing fast. It’s growing so fast, in fact, that there are many jobs simply waiting to be filled. With the price of solar dropping and the price of fossil fuels rising, even more jobs in the green sector are going to start popping up. With all this new green technology and green jobs, it makes now a great time to be in college.

Are you considering pursuing a career in the green sector upon graduation? If you are, you’re smart. Green jobs are in high demand, and well paying, too. If you’re considering a career in the green sector yet not sure what major you should choose, check out these majors that offer many career options in the field of green and sustainability.


Engineering students are being heavily recruited for green jobs, as the need for them is at an all time high. Whether it’s designing and building photovoltaic solar panels or engineering a more efficient way to harvest wind energy, engineering students are finding that they’re not having a hard time finding employment in the green sector upon graduation.

Typically, engineering degrees will offer focuses on green technology through different courses, where you’ll study things like load cells and powerful amplifiers. Engineering degrees are not for everyone, as they are loaded with math and science, but for those who are interested in engineering, you’ll enjoy a great career in the green sector upon graduation.

Renewable Energy

Believe it or not, a major in renewable energy is becoming possible at more and more universities across the country. This is saying something, as a degree in renewable energy will make you the perfect candidate for a number of career choices in the green energy field.

It was only a few years ago that the Oregon Institute of Technology developed the first renewable energy major, but since then many other schools have followed suit. Many renewable energy major programs typically require some level of understanding on topics like engineering. Since it’s still a rather new degree, the hire rate for renewable energy program graduates is off the charts.

Environmental Studies

Another popular major for people looking to get into the green sector is environmental studies. Essentially, environmental studies combines physical and biological science with the study of the environment. Students choosing to major in environmental studies learn how to move society to a more sustainable future for both humans and nature.

The sustainability aspect of the environmental studies major is what makes it such a popular major for people interested in a career in the green sector. Many environmental studies graduates end up with jobs ranging from working for the Environmental Protection Agency to working in environmental law. Environmental studies majors rarely have trouble finding jobs upon graduation due to the sheer number of jobs relating to the environment that have been created lately, which is why choosing a major in environmental studies is a wise career decision.

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