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College Dorm Bedding USA

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Need a softer sleep?

**This content is sponsored by Celia Rachel**

Whether you’re starting college in the Fall, or returning for another year, your Dorm room will be your sanctuary. It will be the space you carve out just for you so it needs to be cozy, attractive and most importantly, comfortable!

Celia Rachel’s wonderful sheets, blankets and comforters are made for you!  Our American Jersey Knit Sheets and Thermal Blankets will keep you cool and comfy in temperate climates and cozy and warm in colder temperatures. We have bedding in special Twin Xl, made to fit many dorm beds. Be sure to check with your school to confirm the bed size in your dorm. Living off campus this year? Have a regular twin bed or larger one? Our bedding is available in all sizes!  Your sheets and blankets will last you all through college and beyond. Many people continue to use our products long after they’ve graduated!

We know that decorating your dorm room can be challenging.  Here are a few ideas for creating a stylish dorm room.

1. Set a color scheme for the room and coordinate patterns with your roommate. This is also a great way for college students get to know one another!

2. Try to get accessories that fill many roles. For example, get an ottoman that has a storage compartment, on which a small tray can be placed so it can double as a snack table.

3. Use brightly colored solid throws along with patterned throw pillows, to provide accent colors and a sense of cozy warmth.

4. Use wall art that reflects your personality to make your room your own. Make sure the artwork is large enough so it does not get lost in the room, yet does not completely overtake the room. Coordinate the colors with your bedding so the colors do not clash.

5. Use pendant lamps or streamline floor lamps for lighting. Make sure to get a trendy bright desk lamp for those late night study sessions.

Following these tips can transform a cramped bland dorm room into a stylish and cozy space for study, rest, and entertaining.

Why should you buy your bedding from Celia Rachel? One important reason is because our products and fabrics are made right here in the USA ! Buying bedding and accessories from Celia Rachel also means you are helping to keep jobs in America.  We manufacture all of our dorm bedding and accessories in Lincolnton, North Carolina.  If you happen to be in the area, please stop by and visit us at our store! We’ve got all the products you see here and more!

For superior dorm products that will graduate with you, visit!

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