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Sites to keep in mind as you’re searching for that special someone

Even though there are hundreds, even thousands, of new people to meet when you enroll in college, it can still be kind of difficult to make a love connection. With that in mind, several sites have been launched specifically as online dating sites for college students. Here is a brief look at some of the most popular dating sites for college students.

University Love Connection

University Love Connection is a dating site for college students that features undergrads as well as grad students from all campuses all over the country. Students are categorizes by school and users can browse by searching universities or by searching junior and community colleges. The site is free and users can upload photos and videos of themselves. It also ensures that the dating site only features college students by requiring all users to register with a .edu e-mail address.

Student Love

Student Love is a dating site for college students that allows users to state exactly what they are looking for in a relationship before even communicating with any other users. Like other college student dating sites, it requires users to register with a .edu e-mail address which assures users that they are actually communicating with other students/alumni. It also lists the user’s major, school and student status.

College Passions

College Passions is a dating site for college students as well as a social networking site. It boasts message boards, videos, games, chat, forums and blogs. Of all the sites, this one appears to be the most dating and social networking friendly by giving users most things to do on the site than just browse potential partners. The site also appears to allow you to register regardless of whether or not you have a .edu e-mail address. Best of all, this site is also free.

Date My School 

Date My School is a dating site for college students attending IVY League schools. The site is dedicated to helping students make connections with users in other schools, but also making connections with users within their own school but in other departments. It requires users to have a .edu e-mail address and promises that it is anonymous and exclusive. It also boasts that it is not indexed on Google.

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