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Watch Your back

Tips to stay warm and cozy this winter

Staying cozy in college this winter starts with good college bedding and a warm coat. There are a variety of other ways to stay warm and healthy throughout the winter months. Here are some solid tips to help you love rather than hate the cold weather that lies ahead.

Layer, Layer, Layer to Stay Warm

Layer your clothing and layer your dorm room bedding. Air is one of the best insulators so trapping air is a key way to improve warmth and enjoy the cold weather season. Layering your clothing should include a T-shirt or thermal underwear, a long-sleeve shirt and/or a turtleneck, a sweater and a jacket. An added bonus in layering your clothing is that it can also prevent you from getting too hot and sweating. Sweat freezes making the body colder after the overheating wears off. There are a variety of outdoor clothing companies that specialize in warm weather gear that is engineered to prevent overheating. Incorporating some of this outdoor wear into your wardrobe will greatly increase your comfort levels. Layering doesn’t stop with clothing; buy good bedding and layer bedding in the same way and for the same reasons. One added bonus to layering your dorm room bedding is that you can then turn down the thermostat. This saves energy and it helps to prevent winter colds and flu.

Watch Your Back

Wearing low cut jeans in cold weather is just asking for a urinary track infection. The kidneys are located in the retroperitoneum area near the back and consistent exposure to cold just isn’t a good idea. Rather than change your pants, buy longer t-shirts and sports shirts to tuck into pants. Opt for a longer jacket rather than a shorter one. Usually just being aware that you need to keep this area warm to stay healthy will improve matters dramatically.

Old German Wives’ Tale: Keep Your Feet Warm

There isn’t any proof that this works but who wants to fight with generations of mothers in a land where winter is the longest season of the year? Make an effort to keep your feet dry, comfortable and warm throughout the day. This includes while you are studying and hanging out in the dorm. A pair of warm slippers is a wise and easy investment. Another old Chinese wives’ tale says that you shouldn’t eat spicy food when it is cold and dry. According to legend this causes sore throats, colds and all manner of havoc on your body’s Qi.

Cover Your Head: Smart Idea!

Your head is covered with hair for a reason. Enhance those locks with a hat. Covering your head is one of the best ways to stay warm and healthy throughout the winter season.

Get out there and throw a few snowballs. It’s a winter wonderland once you know how to cope with it!


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