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Christina Aguilera offended by Tony Lucca's performance on "The Voice" finale

Elif Geris

Christina Aguilera

Tony Lucca ponders Christina Aguilera’s intentions toward his success on “The Voice”

Former Mickey Mouse Club colleagues Christina Aguilera and Tony Lucca are feuding after Lucca’s performance on the finale of The Voice last night, when he covered Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. This feuding is made clear by the personal offense Aguilera took upon hearing Lucca utter the ‘b’ word, a.k.a Jay-Z’s reference to a woman, during The Voice’s finale. The personal hit Aguilera felt caused Lucca to wonder if she has a vendetta against him.

Adam Levine suggested he cover the song, as what is reportedly an attack against Aguilera, and Lucca strongly agreed to the idea to cover 99 Problems. Aguilera has commented on his singing to be “one dimensional,” one factor leading the contestant to believe a personal aversion exists. With the fear of Aguilera’s knowledgeable impact on Lucca’s future as a star, he ponders what her exact intentions are.

Her comments last night included that Lucca’s performance was: “derogatory towards women,” and began commenting on Lucca’s family, claiming that he was disrespecting the women in his family. This performance apparently set her off. She may be trying to build his confidence and a hard shell in introducing the contestant to the industry. She is providing him with the gusto to reach the stars.

But, Lucca assumes that the issue may stem from the relationship between the judges of The Voice. Lucca assumes that Aguilera’s main objective is for him to be ousted from the show. During Aguilera’s judge comments, Levine spoke up and defended Lucca.  

Now questions surround what could become of The Voice. Aguilera and Levine warred after last night’s show and the argument was more biting than any others sparked by their judge-to-judge relationship.

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