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Chris Pratt Went Fully Naked for a Parks and Recreation Nude Scene

Abbas Kobeissi

A few years before he beefed up for his new movie, Gaurdians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt pulled a stunt move for a scene in season 2 of his show, Parks and Recreation. Pritt stripped fully naked for one special Parks and Recreation scene. The 35 year old superstar was interviewed by the UK TV presenter Graham Norton, telling him why he decided to pull this off. Pratt played loser Andy Dwyer.

When asked why he pulled this off, he stated that, “We were shooting a scene where my character turns up naked at my costar’s door,” This was referring to Andy trying to win back his ex-girlfriend, Ann Perkins. “I was wearing skin-colored underwear and I wasn’t getting quite the right reaction I was hoping for. It was late in the day so I decided to improvise and drop my trousers for the take.” said Pritt.

Not only did Ann not ask him to pay her a naked visit, she wasnt the one who ended up opening the door. Instead he found himself face-to-face with Leslie Knope, who was played by Amy Poehler and was not expecting Pratt’s full-frontal nudity. “Her reaction was great!” Pratt told Norton, “It was the take they used.”

Not long after the episode was aired, Pratt framed a letter he recieved from NBC saying what he did was against protocol.

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