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Chris Kyle: legendary sniper, lifelong caretaker

Reka Forgach

Chris Kyle, "Devil of Ramadi" holds the record for most amount of confirmed kills

Chris Kyle former Navy Seal and national hero is gunned down this Sunday

Chris Kyle was a legendary former Navy Seal whose autobiography, American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History speaks equally for his record and also for his dedication to the lives of his comrades in the field, many of whom may have fallen had he not played a pivotal role in his four tours in Iraq.  The hero’s commitment to caretaking did not end with his tours.  Chris Kyle founded the FITCO Cares Foundation in 2009 after his return to civilian life, to provide war veterans suffering from emotional and physical trauma with counseling and physical therapy equipment.  His lifelong dedication to his comrades never ceased, and it was during a session with a fellow veteran that Kyle was allegedly murdered by Eddie Ray Routh.

Chris Kyle and Routh, a 25-year-old retired Marine, were at a shooting range near Fort Worth this Sunday, when the latter turned on Kyle and a second man, Chad Littlefield, shooting them and fleeing the scene in Kyle’s pickup truck.  Routh went on to his sister’s house, who called the police on him after he admitted murdering Chris Kyle and Littlefield.  Routh tried to run, but was eventually captured near his home in Lancaster and charged with two counts of capital murder.

The motive for the crime is still unclear, as is Routh’s mental state.  Some believe the veteran marine suffers from PTSD and reacted negatively to the “shooting therapy” introduced by Chris Kyle.  Travis Cox, the director of FITCO Cares said in a statement that, “Chris was literally the type of guy if you were a veteran and needed help he’d help you, and from my understanding that’s what happened here. I don’t know how he came in contact with this gentleman, but I do know that it was not through the foundation.”  Tragedy struck as one man extended a helping hand to a fellow comrade in arms.

Chris Kyle’s murder comes after a string of gun-related incidents that will further fuel the debate on upcoming gun reform.  FITCO Cares will continue to carry on in the goodwork of Chris Kyle and under the leadership of Travis Cox, providing veterans

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