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Chris Brown and Rihanna secret rendezvous

Jennifer Dimaano

Chris Brown

The couple has been spotted in the romantic French Riviera

Rumor has it Rihanna and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown has been secretly sneaking off to see each other. The couple has been spotted at Monaco’s à deux restaurant enjoying an “intimate dinner” together.

It’s been reported the couple has been stealing moments with each other while Chris shoots a video with Swizz Beatz and Ludacris on the Cote d’Azur. Rihanna, not too far away, was in a yacht. The couple was spotted kissing on the yacht of Malaysian billionaire Taek Jho Low in Saint Tropez along with other celebrities Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to DailyMail Brown made the spur of the moment decision to visit Rihanna in the French Riviera. Before their meeting Rihanna was said to have spent some time getting ready for her rendezvous with Brown. It is rumored the two still have feelings for each other.

“She was really happy when he arrived. She spent all evening getting ready to see him. The waited till night so no one saw them,” said a source.

After the rendezvous, Brown left Rihanna to join his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran at Gotha nightclub, where he was spotted dancing shirtless with many other girls. Tran not looking too pleased at Brown’s action watched patiently as he continued to dance with the other girls. Sources close to Brown have revealed Tran puts up with Brown’s “philandering because she loves the “lifestyle.”

The high-profile couple split up a few years ago, when Brown assaulted the singer before the Grammy. Lately Rihanna has been tweeting ominous messages that insinuate towards brown.

“And there’s no stopping us right now. I feel so close to you right now!” Rihanna tweeted to Calvin Harris. “Your love pours down on me surround me like a waterfall. I wear my heart up on my sleeve like a big deal.”

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