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Cate Edwards (in blue) with sister Emma Claire and father John in 2008

Cate Edwards met her fiance while studying at Princeton

Cate Edwards, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Edwards, is set to wed fiance Dr. Trevor Upham this weekend.

The New York Times reports that Edwards and Upham met while they studied at Princeton University. Although the two were engaged only two weeks before Elizabeth Edwards’ death in December, Cate and Elizabeth spent the time they had left together to begin planning the wedding.

Cate remarked on her relationship with her mother in an article for Glamour. “I feel so lucky to have shared that joy with her, to have had the time to leaf through bridal magazines together and talk about the wedding. I feel blessed because, in her last weeks, she told me she was comforted to know I’d set forth on my own life path, with someone she loved and respected, and with whom she truly believed I would be happy.”

Cate Edwards will be escorted down the aisle by her father, John Edwards. John was set to begin his trial — where he is facing criminal charges of violating campaign finance laws — this month,  but it has been postponed until January to accomodate for Cate’s wedding.

Cate’s 13-year-old sister, Emma Claire, will serve as Maid of Honor, while her 11-year-old brother, Jack, will be a groomsman.

Cate also recently announced the debut of a foundation in her mother’s name. The Elizabeth Edwards Foundation’s mission is “to identify kids who show great potential, but have limited support and resources, and give them the kind of encouragement, support and tools that they need to reach that potential.”

Read more about Cate Edwards’ wedding here.

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