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Casey Anthony's attorney has written a tell-all book

Jennifer Dimaano

Casey Anthony

In the book her attorney reveals Anthony was suffereing from “serious mental issues”

Attorney for Casey Anthony, Jose Baez, has written a tell-all book, Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story, about his experience during the infamous Casey Anthony trial.

Anthony was acquitted last year for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. In Baez’s book, it reveals Anthony suffered from mental health issues, which contributed to her habitual lying.

Baez attacks cops, prosecutors, reporters and said detectives should’ve realized his client has built a “fantasy world.” Her lies should’ve been an indication of someone with “serious mental health issues.”

The Associate Press (AP) had received an advanced copy of Baez’s book on Tuesday. In the book, Baez describes how Anthony led detectives on a wild goose chase—lying to detectives about working at Universal studios and going as far as taking them there.

Baez writes, detectives “should have stopped and realized, ‘Wait a minute, we’re not dealing with someone who is playing with a full deck’”

Initially, Anthony told detectives her daughter was taken by a babysitter back in June 2008 and didn’t report the missing childe because she was looking for her daughter on her own. In the trial, Baez argued Caylee accidentally drowned in the family pool, and Anthony was traumatized from being sexually abused by her father, George Anthony, and went along to hide the body. George Anthony later denied the allegations against him.

Baez highlights the allegations of sexual abuse and that it contributed to Anthony’s mental health. The book touches upon the emotional toll it took to Baez. Baez writes he suffered from depression and couldn’t enjoy his wife’s pregnancy, as well as, criticizing the media for portraying him as an inexperienced attorney.

“The public may have been convinced that I was an idiot, but I let it all roll off my back,” Baez writes.

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