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Casey Anthony Jurors' Names Released

Molly Huscroft

A memorial made to honor Caylee Anthony, age 2

Jury that acquitted Anthony included medical workers, teachers

The names of the 12 jurors who acquitted Casey Anthony in the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, have been made public.

Jurors were either unavailable or did not want to talk to the media Tuesday when a judge released their names, just three months after Anthony’s acquittal. According to MSNBC, Anthony and the jurors have received death threats and angry messages posted online since the verdict. Many people across the country thought the juror let a guilty woman go free.

Judge Belvin Perry delayed the release of the names as a “cooling off period,” because the high-profile case drew large swells of anger from the public. When he made his decision, Perry noted the crowds that had gathered outside of the courthouse holding signs that read “Arrest the Jury,” and “Somewhere a Village is Missing 12 Idiots,” the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Of the jurors, five are married, four are single, two are divorced and one is of unknown status. Of the alternates, three are married, one is widowed and one is single. Six of the main jurors and three of the alternates are parents.

Of the main jurors, seven are women and five are men. Bay News 9 reports one juror has already fled the state for fear of her safety. The jurors’ names are published on the website of Bay News 9.  

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