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Cannabis, Women and Staying High in Style

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Cannabis Smoker

Smoking Cannabis is an everyday thing for many women, but the physical effects of cannabis leave the smoker with low red eyes. There are two ways to combat this; eye drops or shades. Sadly, eye drops don’t always work.

Blazed Shades is catered to the female cannabis smoker that wants to slay and BLAZE in cute SHADES.

Cannabis consumption risks

Smoking cannabis comes with many tell-tale signs, such as smell. Over the years, however, many stoners have found that simply consuming outdoors is an easy alternative to fighting the smell. Another tell-tale sign of cannabis consumption is the low red eyes that come with it. Many wonder why this happens or why it happens more to some, but not to all:

  • Cannabis strain. This is one of the known causes of low/red eyes. In fact, different cannabis strains cause different levels of bloodshot eyes.

THC contained in cannabis lowers blood pressure, causes the blood vessels to dilate and increases blood flow to the eyes, thereby turning them red.

  • Smoke. When exhaling the smoke travels upward and usually hits the smoker in the eyes, causing their eyes to water and burn.
  • Don’t panic! It’s just cannabis doing its medical thing!

Eye drops don’t always work

Cannabis has side-effects including red eyes which takes time to resolve. Although it is something not to panic about, many smokers would say, “Just use some eye drops then you’ll be all right.” Yes, that is, in fact, true but some specialists warn that overusing eye drops may be detrimental to your eye health. Blazed Shades is a brand that provides female cannabis smokers with shades to hide their low/red eyes, to combat this side-effect of cannabis consumption. Not only do Blazed Shades provide women with fashion-forward shades, they also offer a place to feel empowered about being a lady smoker. Who wouldn’t want to slay and blaze in cute shades!

Cannabis destigmatization

More and more people are beginning to learn about the incredible benefits of using cannabis. Destigmatization of the substance isn’t completely achieved, but great progress is being made in the American society as the number of individuals advocating for the legalization of cannabis increases every year.

A recent survey conducted by Yahoo News and Marist Poll showed that 52 percent of Americans over the age of 18 have smoked pot at some point in their lives, that most adults in the US have tried pot and 44 percent of them still use it today.

The poll also discovered that most American parents aren’t worried about their grown kids being a cannabis smoker. In fact, many of the parents surveyed claim they would have freaked out if they found out their kid(s) favored tobacco over hemp. Blazed Shades is also behind the movement of cannabis destigmatization. Using their platform to give women an open space to be comfortable with their dosage.

Cannabis in the beauty industry

With the legalization of marijuana in 10 states in the US, cannabis is getting societal acceptance and making its mark in not just the medical arena, but in such areas as the beauty and fashion industry globally.

In recent times, cannabis has become a key ingredient in the creation of some beauty products owing to its remarkable healing properties. Hemp oil is making its way into the beauty industry. It made the list of many 2018 superfood trends articles by popular news outlets. Blazed Shades is expanding to provide women with eye makeup products as well. Hemp oil is full of Omega-3s and Omega-6s with no psychoactive effect. It is lightweight, can be consumed or used as a topical agent. Being added into an eyeshadow palette is one of the many ways to add hemp oil to your beauty regime.

Safe consumption

Though there are no recorded cases of death by a THC overdose, intoxicated individuals might end up doing things that cause them much harm or even brings about their death.

There are so many methods of consuming hemp, but not every one of these methods is safe enough—especially for novice users. It is therefore recommended that inexperienced users  consume cannabis through a vaporizer.

Experienced cannabis smokers are also advised not to hold their breath for too long after taking a drag, as a study titled Breathhold Duration and Response to Marijuana Smoke, by the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, showed that doing so didn’t improve the user’s high but exposed the lungs to all forms of toxic nastiness.

Women in cannabis statistics

As destigmatization of cannabis heightens in American society, more and more women are becoming open about their use of marijuana. In fact, a greater number of women than men have admitted to using cannabis daily to cope with stress, body pain and anxiety.

A report from the Cannabis Consumers Coalition (CCC) made it clear that there are as many women using cannabis in society as there are male users. In fact, CCC’s survey in the US showed that women shockingly dominated the cannabis consumption crowd with 53 percent of women consuming cannabis versus 42 percent for men.

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