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Candy corn Oreos to hit the stores this Halloween.

Nabisco comes out with candy corn Oreos for the Halloween season.


Candy corn Oreos are hitting the store this Halloween season and I think it is safe to say that the reactions to the new flavor are more anticipated than the actual cookie itself. Nabisco’s Oreo cookies are no stranger to a quirky palette of flavors, including cool mint, winter, birthday cake and even green tea over in China. The newest development debut on Target shelves this week.

Let’s think this candy corn Oreo thing through, though. No one is indifferent to candy corn; half of the human population loves it and half of the human population loathes it. There’s no in-between. But, maybe this could be a step in a positive direction, maybe the slight transfer of food groups from candy to cookie could turn some diehard haters into serenely happy enthusiasts.

 The half-yellow, half-orange filling in between the two vanilla cookies is said to have a hint of candy-corn flavor but pretty much tastes like icing. Could be good, right?

My question is though, if you love candy corn, why not just eat some actual candy corn instead of a candy corn flavored Oreo?

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