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Canada body part suspect is porn actor, Luka Rocco Magnotta

Elif Geris

Canada body part suspect is porn actor, Luka Rocco Magnotta

The porn actor suspected of severing and mailing body parts

Only four days ago Rudy Eugene, 31, was witnessed tearing off someone’s face with his teeth. And after a suitcase containing a torso was found in the Côte-des-Neiges Tuesday, pornstar Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, is suspected of mailing around severed body parts.

Also found Tuesday were three different Canada body parts believed to belong to the same man packaged separately and addressed to the Conservative party headquarters in Ottawa and the Liberal Party of Canada, according to CBS News.

No one specific person was addressed in the Canada body part packages. So when Jennie Bryne, political advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, opened the package covered in blood, the rank odor of a severed hand filled the room.

Luka Rocco Magnotta and the body part victim allegedly knew each other, but the porn actor’s attacks are not linked to organized crime.

Eric Schorer, the manager of the Toronto building the Canada body part suspect resided in, said, “He seemed like a nice guy.”

Police searched Magnotta’s apartment Wednesday, finding his mattress covered in blood. The Canada body part suspect’s neighbor said that the hallway reeked of bad meat, and the porn actor’s door was left open after the Canada body part incident.

The porn actor, believed to have dated serial killer Karla Homolka, has denied such suspicions. Luka Rocco Magnotta said in a previous interview, “I not only have never dated Karla, I have never even met her.”

The pornstar has taken on aliases such as Eric Clinton, Kirk Newman, Vladimir Romanov and Matteo Del Santo throughout his internet career.

There is an international search warrant on the Canada body part suspect, whom fled the county after posting a video of his actions Tuesday. There are also videos on YouTube, which show him torturing cats. The Canada body part suspect has taken criticism from animal rights groups after the video was released.

Dubbed as the “Vacuum Kitten Killer” by Facebook group users, the Canada body part suspect has claimed that as he nears the age of 30, he wants to pursue psychology or criminal law to work on homicide cases. 

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