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Brooke Hogan has legs and her dads not afraid to show 'em

Iesha Pompey

Brooke Hogan is tan, blonde, and toned like her proud father.

Hulk Hogans in the hot seat for tweeting photo of his daughter, Brooke Hogan

Hulk Hogan tweeted a picture of his daughter Brooke Hogan on Sunday with the caption “Brooke’s legs” and now the world is using it against him. His followers are calling him a creepy pervert for the full shot of Brooke lounging in a chair but justify wrestling, a sport where half naked body painted muscle bound women and men get uncomfortably close while “fighting”, to be completely normal.

It’s just a picture. In many other countries, this would be as significant as Hulk Hogan tweeting a picture of his breakfast.

Fatherhood is tough on dads across America, the land where anything aside from playing sports and being completely detached from your family is a perversion. If they bathe their toddlers, it’s a perversion! If they kiss their child on the lips, it’s perversion! And if they’re more involved in their kid’s life than the mother, the “dad” title is revoked altogether and they become “Mr.Mom”.

Give Hulk Hogan a break. He’s an ex pro wrestler who’s clearly into taking care of his body and he’s proud that his daughter, Brooke Hogan, has a little calf muscle. She hasn’t shied away from tanning and hair bleaching either, which the orange skin white haired Hulk Hogan could be just as proud of.

Brooke Hogan, who retweeted the photo of herself, is standing up for her father and telling all the name callers and “ignorant” instigators to “go back to your farm animals”.

Perhaps generalizing farmers to be ignorant isn’t the best way to go but kudos to Brooke Hogan for sticking up for her dad. Maybe Hulk Hogan’s sex tape leak doesn’t help the situation much either…

Let’s just hope their local farmer isn’t smart enough to navigate Twitter.

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