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Breaking Dawn- Part 2 trailer has hit the internet to celebrate Edward's 111th birthday

Editorial Staff

Breaking Dawn- Part 2

fans rejoice

Avid fans of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series can celebrate in the streets as the Breaking Dawn- Part 2 trailer has hit the internet. The trailer was created to celebrate Edward Cullen’s 111th birthday.

“After 18 years of being utterly ordinary, I found that I could shine. I was born to be a vampire,” Bella states in the beginning of the Twilight Breaking Dawn- Part 2 trailer.

Edward lustily whispers, “We are the same temperature now.”

The plot of Breaking Dawn- Part 2 circles around Votour trying to end every girl’s favorite vampire couple, given that Bella has recently Renesmee. The trailer also states that “[Remesmee] was born, not bitten.”

The trailer ends with Bella promising that she will never let anyone hurt her daughter, whom ages at an alarming pace through the film.

Twilight Breaking Dawn- Part 1 had been one of the best box office openings in history at $139.5 million,

netting a total of $281,275,991. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse currently sits at number 40 on IMDB’s all-time USA Box Office list at $300,523,113.

Twilight Breaking Dawn- Part 2 hits theaters Nov. 16, so tweens all over the nation better prepare start standing in line now.

Check out the trailer below.


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