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Modern bra - bandeau

To be or not to be?

Ah, yes. Bras. They are so amazing. They fit well all the time. They’re so pretty. They make you grow wings and guide you down the best of runways. They also help you to develop a sexy pout with an accent that will make you the desire of men around the world.

Okay, let’s get real.  Wearing a bra is so annoying sometimes. The underwire can poke you. You may be buying the wrong sizes depending on the manufacturer. Other times, you may just feel restrained and uncomfortable.

Did you ever wake up one day and decide that putting on a bra would be a nuisance to your chosen wardrobe or that it was just plain unnecessary? I have had many a days like this, but I’d never acted upon the idea until recently and I have to say that once I did, I felt great. Of course, I took a few additional precautions, such as making sure my shirt was flattering, not too sheer, and that the weather would not make things more obvious than necessary. Then, off into the world I went. I went to the store. I went to work. I walked my dogs. All without a bra because the feminist within me is strong! Well, not really. Honestly, there was no deep reason for this action. I just wanted to be more comfortable, but it did get me to thinking. The question that I pondered over was this; Why did I feel so guilty about the idea of not wearing a bra in the first place? Here are the answers.

1. I thought it would be unflattering.

2. I thought it would be extremely obvious and all movement wherever I went would cease as people would stop, point, and giggle (slight exaggeration there, but you get the gist).

3. I thought it would come off as tacky. The kind of tacky that’s screaming for attention.

But, thankfully, none of these ideas proved true. So, if you want to go braless, there are only a few things what you should consider. Consider your cup size and support needs, Bra alternatives, (in the event that you are not ready to go all the way), and your current outfit. Then off you go, you sexy rebel you.

There have always been talks of bralessness being a feminist statement and if that’s your motivation, then may the force be with you. If sticking it to ‘the man,’ has nothing to do with your reasoning, you can still feel liberated by keeping it fashionable and comfy. You may be surprised how much of a big deal people don’t make out of it – unless you start shimmying for no good reason.

Want to get more in-depth about the psychology of bra wearing? Here is a great link. 

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