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Books to Read on Thanksgiving Break

Jennifer Czepiel

Books Thanksgiving

Titles to Make Them Look Twice

What to be caught reading this Thanksgiving break? Whether you are heading off to the airport to sit for hours waiting for your flight, or even longer on the flight itself, there will be time to read. Or maybe you are driving to your destination of choice and you are not one of those who gets car sick from reading while in the passenger seat. And, then there is the time spent at the homes of family or friends who may not have the same television viewing tastes you have, and you will need something to occupy your mind. Taking a book with you, whether it is a print paperback, or the latest download to your Ereader, can be a great way to fill some time.

When you do choose that piece of reading material though, there may be a few things to keep in mind, so here is a list of get books that will not only spark your interest but will also make a personal statement without your saying a word. Here are some great reads that may even spark a conversation that you never expected and really at some interesting personal stories to your Thanksgiving break.

Look Smart:

Animal Farm by: George Orwell
While mom is setting the table with something from, well, pretty much every one of the creatures characterized in this Orwell novel, you can be considering how similar some of the diplomacy, or lack there of, discussed in this classic can be applied to your family gathering. A fairly easy read by today’s standards, this book is a great conversation starter and will certainly keep things interesting around the dinner table.

Sex Appeal:

Fear of Flying by: Erica Jong
So you are sitting in the airport and there are endless singles flying home for family gatherings. Be honest, how many of them are wondering how to let mom and dad down easy that their last relationship did not pan out so well. Romance just may be on their minds as they consider making a better impression by the end of December. Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying is not only a sexy little read about escaping your boundaries, but it can also be a caveat to thinking about that fling during break.

Rebel, Rebel
The Wasp Factory by: Iain Banks
Want to make sure your entire family knows you have no interest in discussing your personal choices in life, love, economic security, or politics? Leave this little gem about a sane and collected seventeen year old who tells his story of how he killed three people. Yeah. That will keep them guessing when you say you would really like to carve the turkey this year.

Whatever you read on your break, reading something is always a great way to meet people, as equally as a means to avoid conversation.

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