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Bobby Valentine "excited" to talk with Sox

Janelle Vreeland

Bobby Valentine

Bobby Valentine is an analyst on ESPN’s “Saturday Night Baseball”

Bobby Valentine is “excited” to enter talks about managing the Boston Red Sox, his colleague says.

ESPN reports that Valentine, an analyst for the channel’s “Saturday Night Baseball,” is being considered to take over the position as manager of the Boston Red Sox. Valentine himself commented on being considered, saying how lucky he is, even if he’s not the first choice.

“You know, if I was Plan B and I got this job, I would feel like it was Christmas and [if] I was Plan A,” Valentine said. “Luckiest guy in the world.”

“I didn’t get a phone call for a few days,” Valentine said. “That made a situation that I was really happy that I only had told my wife I had talked to Ben and didn’t have to explain to people why I wasn’t getting a phone call.”

But Valentine isn’t the only one still in the race for the position. Gene Lamont and Torey Lovullo are being considered, though some sources think Valentine has the upper hand.

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