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Blackbeard's cannon recovered

Janelle Vreeland


Blackbeard’s cannon has been recovered from the Queen Anne’s Revenge

Blackbeard managed to escape when his ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, ran aground on June 10, 1718. The shipwreck currently lies in about 25 feet of water, and now a cannon from Blackbeard’s famous vessel has been recovered.

The Telegraph reports that Blackbeard’s cannon was recovered just off the coast of North Carolina. The expedition is led by the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. Since its discovery in 1996, Blackbeard’s ship has produced more than 250,000 artefacts.

Blackbeard was an English pirate who sailed the West Indies and the American East Coast. Historians believe that Blackbeard ran the Queen Anne aground, knowing that the British Navy was closing in on him. By running it aground, he was able to transer the treasure to another ship and downsize his crew. Prior to the incident, Blackbeard had blockaded South Carolina’s port of Charleston.

Watch video of the recovery below.

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