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Bisexual study confirms existence of bisexual men

Janelle Vreeland

Northwestern University study proves bisexual individuals aroused by both sexes

Bisexual men, Northwestern University has validated your existence!

After years of being denied or accused of being closeted homosexuals by high-profile studies that failed to prove sexual arousal by both sexes, a study has finally proven that men who identified themselves as bisexuals are, in fact, aroused by both sexes.

As Slate reports, the new findings represent a reversal of previous study findings and will prove important for bisexual men everywhere. The lead author of the study, Allen Rosenthal, explained, saying, “Someone who is bisexual might say, ‘Well, duh!’ But this will be validating to a lot of bisexual men who had heard about the earlier work and felt that scientists weren’t getting them.”

The study included a pool of 100 men — divided into nearly-equal parts as identifying themselves as heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual — and monitored them for arousal while they viewed videos of male and female same-sex intimacy. The results determined that only men who identified themselves as bisexual were aroused by both same-sex situations.

A similar study in 2005 had found that both homosexuals and bisexuals were aroused by male and female same-sex intimacy, but, as Slate reports, a more stringent screening process was used in selecting bisexual participants in the most recent study.

Other institutions are conducted similar studies, but researchers warn that the results may be tricky to extrapolate and apply to the general population.

What are your thoughts? Is this study a huge validation for bisexual men everywhere? Will the results have positive ramifications on the way sexuality is viewed and studied? Tell us in the comments below!

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