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Bethenny Frankel has wardrobe malfunction on "Anderson"

Billy Gardner

Bethenny Frankel founded the cocktail

“Pink, you saw Pink?”

Bethenny Frankel had a wardrobe malfunction while visiting the Anderson show last week. Frankel went on the show to promote her newest season of Bethenny Ever After but had no idea how much press she was about to get.

Bethenny Frankel jumped to the floor in a pushup position, only to have her dress flip over on her and expose her underwear. For a moment she and Anderson Cooper were shocked and silent, but not for long. “Wow,” said Cooper. “How’d it look,” Bethenny Freankel asked to the audience, “Pink, you saw the Pink?

The next day Bethenny Frankel commented to iVilliage, “At least I had underwear that were nice.” The 41-year-old did appear embarrassed but seemed to play the wardrobe malfunction off rather well, considering the circumstance that she just mooned millions of people.

Bethenny Frankel in the past posed nude for the animal rights group PETA and was placed on a large billboard in Times Square as part of a PETA promotion to stop the wearing of animal fur.

It would seem that the segment from the Anderson show has also become “wildly” popular. See for yourself:

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