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Bernie Sanders’ Iowa rally sounds like a Lollapalooza lineup

Taryn Ziegler

Bernie Sanders’ Iowa rally sounds like a Lollapalooza lineup

Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Rally to Include Vampire Weekend, Killer Mike, and Foster the People

Bernie Sanders’ Iowa rally sounds like a Lollapalooza lineup. What? Yes. You read that correctly. If you’ve been reading the bumper sticks floating around the city streets and highways lately, you’ve probably already ascertained that people who normally ignore politics are suddenly giving the presidential election a good, long look, especially with a rally lineup that represents one of the large music festivals. And with the upcoming Iowa rally for Bernie Sanders, there’s no longer any question of it. With Killer Mike, Foster the People, and Vampire Weekend standing behind Bernie Sanders (at least in the musical sense), the 2016 election year is bound to be one for the history books.

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The Rally

January 30th will see Bernie Sanders’ rally in Iowa at the University of Iowa Field House, geared towards swaying the upcoming Iowa Caucus. The rally will be held publically at 6:30 pm and is completely free. A free Vampire Weekend concert? Count me in. And count many people in, to be sure, that live in the state of Iowa. The rally is certain to see an influx of an unprecedented amount of young people typically disinclined to vote, which is a brilliant play on Bernie Sanders’ part.

The Musical Envoy

Killer Mike has already performed duties as a musical ambassador for Bernie Sanders, interviewing him in his barbershop and speaking to the media about him. However, this seems to be the first we’ve seen of artists like Vampire Weekend and Foster the People gathering behind him, and marks an important milestone for the Bernie campaign. There will also be a Bernie Sanders fundraiser held on February 5th and headlined by Red Hot Chili Peppers. This one’s in Los Angeles, so, Californians, rejoice.

Music or Politics?

How many people will attend  the Iowa Bernie Sanders rally for the music, and how many for the politics? It’s impossible to know. Regardless, getting people to come to a political rally introduces them to the American system of election and involves them in a way they’ve never been exposed to before. Even if they’re there for something less patriotic than the fluttering banner of red, white, and blue, at least they’re there. And at least they’re taking part in something bigger, something greater, than all of us individually.

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