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Bearina IUD concept aims to make IUDs cheap and accessible

Janelle Vreeland

Ronen Kadushin makes conceptual, open-source IUD

Are affordable IUDs in the future? Designer Ronen Kadushin hopes so and he hopes that his new Bearina IUD concept is pioneering the way.

Kadushin has designed a conceptual, open-source contraceptive IUD that only requires a copper coin and some nylon thread. As the press release for the Bearina reads, “In copper- containing IUDs, metal ions dissolving from the device create a spermicidal action. To do precisely that, a 1€ cent coin (copper covered steel) easily snaps in the plastic 3D printed part. An additional piece of nylon string is tied to the bottom part to complete the assembly of the Bearina IUD.”

In an effort to further his development and research, Kadushin has made prototypes of the device available for purchase for $1.80, and he has published the production plans under the Creative Commons license, allowing anyone to download and build upon them.

As the press release says, “The Bearina IUD is a political product. It demonstrates the disruptive potential of 3D printed Open Designs to give free and global access to essential products, and circumvent industries (such as the Pharma industry) that aggressively defend their intellectual property to control the price and availability of their products.”

What do you think? Is Kadushin paving the way to affordable and effective contraception? Or is this a matter best left in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry? Let us know in the comments below!

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