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Batman prequel “Gotham” adds Jada Pinkett Smith to cast

Michael O'Neill

Batman comes to the small screen

“Gotham” set to premiere this fall on Fox

The Batman franchise keeps expanding with the addition of a prequel that will focus on the city of crime before Bruce Wayne became Batman himself. The new show will be entitled “Gotham.”

The show is expected to air this fall on Fox with a cast of well known actors including Jada Pinkett Smith and Ben McKenzie.

Smith is best known for her work in the “Matrix” and will portray Fish Mooney in the upcoming “Gotham” premiere. Fish Mooney is a nightclub owner/villain in the city of Gotham.

McKenzie will play Detective James Gordon, who was portrayed by Gary Oldman in the Dark Knight series. McKenzie will play a younger version of the police chief. He is best known for his work in “OC” and “Southland.”

The new prequel will shine a light on many of the backstories of famous villains in the city. Hardcore fans might be let down because their favorite masked crusader doesn’t appear in the series at all. However, Oswald Cobblepot, also known as the Penguin, is already scheduled to appear. The Penguin will be played by Robin Lord Taylor.

“Gotham” will be a one hour drama during primetime hours, which may seem strange to many. Fans used to movie trilogies and film adaptations will be in for a surprise as “Gotham” focuses much more on the reality of the city, not the superhero aspect.

The cast isn’t very strong either, relying on McKenzie to carry the majority of the show.

More characters will be revealed over the coming months regarding the premiere.

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