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Broncos and Panthers will go to Super Bowl 50

Cam Newton vs. Peyton Manning the Battle between Generations in Super Bowl 50

It has now been decided; Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will go to Super Bowl 50. The last several years have demonstrated a generational battle between the elite quarterbacks of the last decade and the young hungry guys looking to cement themselves into the hierarchy of football greats. Winning a Super Bowl is one of the more elusive prizes known to athletes. The opportunities for winning one are slim and take a collective effort from every person in the locker room and a part of the organization to bring the goal to fruition. Many professional football players spend their entire career chasing the opportunity to hold up that Lombardi trophy in a triumphant reign as league royalty and never do. The 2015-2016 season leading to Super Bowl 50 has been one to remember. Offering some great story lines that propelled players and teams into a new stratosphere of fame and popularity.

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The playoffs have somewhat predictable. Outside of the upset this past weekend with the Denver Broncos, led by the great Peyton Manning, the teams who were expected to win have taken care of business. That being said, the Super Bowl match-up has been decided and the Carolina Panthers led by bodacious quarterback Cam Newton will take on the veteran Denver Broncos team who looks to redeem themselves after that embarrassing butt whooping they took from the Seattle Seahawks a few years ago. This could be the final chance for Peyton Manning to place his name among the league’s greatest ever with a win in Super Bowl 50.

Survival: How did the teams get to Super Bowl 50

The Denver Broncos came into Sunday as the underdog against the defending champions New England Patriots, despite holding on to the #1 seed in the AFC. They also possess the top rated defense in the NFL and a quarterback with enough history behind him to make up for any of their deficiencies. This being said, it was all but a perfect year for the Broncos and their quarterback. Despite leading the AFC west most of the season they did battle with Kansas City throughout the season for that top spot. The aging Manning went through many ups and downs throughout the season eventually losing his starting job and sitting the bench for the first time since he was a freshman at the University of Tennessee, over 20 years ago. Although, it may have been a needed wake-up call for the 39-year-old veteran who came back his winning ways after sitting out week 11 through week 16. The veteran has been able to manage the game very well and rely on their defense to do the rest. I don’t know if this formula will be enough to beat the rough and rugged Panthers.

He returned week 17 and has yet to look back. Dealing with arm strength and accuracy problems most of the season despite the Broncos winning ways, the twilight of a legendary career seemed to be creeping up on Manning. Taking the 5-week break from the field may have been the jolt he needed to propel his team to their 2nd Super Bowl appearance since he arrived in the Colorado. He now has an opportunity to set himself up for a glorious retirement, being the oldest QB to ever lead his team to Championship game, surpassing John Elway in that effort. He takes on another young and hungry quarterback, Cam Newton who has much to prove in his own right.

Cam Newton’s journey to superstardom has been a rocky one to say the least. Watching players who were drafted in the same class as him, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and Andy Dalton have playoff success over the last several years has had to be a hard pill to swallow. Now that he has been surrounded with a team that complements his seemingly unstoppable attributes, the Carolina Panthers are now one Super Bowl 50 away from history. The Panthers have been the best team in football all season. Their 15-1 record has been as dominating and convincing as any this season. Jumping out to big first half leads and letting their defense close out games has been their m/o and it has worked flawlessly.

The defense has been the anchor for the Panthers just as the Broncos D kept them pushing through the hard times. Cam has lacked a legitimate target at wide receiver but has not missed a beat. Turning no name wide outs into impact players, and relying on veterans like Greg Olsen at the tight end spot to make big plays when they need them. Newton had his most accurate season so far as a pro, and ran the ball down the throat of every defense he faced. This is why he is the front-runner for MVP this season.

The Panthers may have had the hardest rode to get to the championship. Despite earning the bye week to start the playoffs they had to defeat two time defending NFC champions the Seattle Seahawks and the up and coming powerhouse out of the NFC West, Arizona Cardinals, to punch their ticket into the big dance. They did just that. Putting a stop to the NFC West’s dominance over the last 3 seasons. Now that the teams are matched up and the dust has cleared, who will have the upper hand in this matchup?

The Super Bowl 50 Match-up

Carolina brings a confident team into Super Bowl 50, taking their only loss in week 16 to their division rival Atlanta Falcons, its seems to me they have a meeting with destiny this season. Cam will win MVP, rightfully so, and they will put pressure on Peyton Manning early and who knows how that will affect the Broncos leader. Carolina is the best 1st half team I have seen in a long time. They rarely have slow starts and when they do, their defense has been able to limit the other team from getting points. That being said they have yet to play against a defense as stout as the Broncos. If the Broncos D can limit the bulldozer effect the Panthers running game can bring to the table, they have a good chance for the upset.

 It will definitely be an upset, the Panthers in my eyes, are the better team and they defeated better teams to get to Super Bowl 50, it will take a legendary performance by Peyton and his team in Super Bowl 50 to get this W. Denver has some making up to do from their last Super Bowl appearance so that may also play a significant role in how the game turns out. From the outside looking in, I believe the Panthers will come out victorious with Cam Newton reigning supreme as Super Bowl 50 MVP. The torch will be passed this year to the next generation and Cam Newton will take it in stride. Who do you think will win Super Bowl 50? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Super Bowl 50 Prediction- Carolina Panthers win 35-21 

Clemson will take on Alabama to claim College Football Championship

The last two for the final bowl college football game has been set

The college football season has come to close and the final bowl game is set. The Clemson Tigers will take on the Alabama Crimson Tide in a match up that puts a growing Clemson program up against the powerhouse Alabama. Both college football teams are playing their best football at the right time. Clemson who is undefeated at 14-0 has lead the way most of the season leaving little doubt in their #1 ranking. On the other hand, Alabama is a veteran to championship games. Almost seemingly making a run every other season, the Nick Saban lead Tide look prime to take their coveted title back to Alabama. A win would put Saban in a coaching class of his own.

Road to the Championship

Lead by coach Dabo Swinney, Clemson lead the way most of the year which ended with an electrifying win against North Carolina in the ACC Championship game. They won the game 45-37 solidifying themselves with the #1 seed in the Bowl Championships. As the 1 seed they had the opportunity to take on the blazing hot Oklahoma Sooners who despite their winning streak proved to be no match for the Tigers. Outplaying the Sooners most of the night, Clemson was able to lock in their bid for a championship with a 37-17 victory in the Capital One Orange Bowl.

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Alabama took the scenic route to this year’s National college football championship game. After an unexpected loss at home against Ole Miss in week 3 of the season, Alabama faced an uphill battle to stay in contention. With road games against the likes of Auburn, Mississippi State and Texas A&M the odds were against the powerhouse program. Despite their rough schedule, Alabama managed to take on all comers and take their winning streak to 11 games. In the SEC Championship, Alabama smothered the Florida Gators resulting in a 29-15 win which propelled them to a 2 seed in the Bowl Championships. As the 2 seed they drew an interesting matchup against a strong Michigan State team who came off one of their strongest seasons to date. Alabama dominated the Spartans, winning the Goodyear Cotton Bowl in a blowout 38-0. One of the more embarrassing games this bowl season.

The Matchup

This is what we’ve all been waiting for during the college football season. Who is the supreme program of 2015? Clemson comes with an undefeated record following a commanding win over one of the hotter teams in the nation Oklahoma. This is a battle between stout defenses, one of which has a secondary that rivals some of the great programs of the 90s. Clemson will bring a different kind of challenge for Alabama. A team that can move the ball on the offensive side as well as keep their opponents from moving the ball just the same. Clemson’s D is ranked in the top 20 nationally in total defense, defensive scoring, rushing and passing efficiency. These allow the tigers to really control the game against an Alabama team who has yet to face a team with equal talent and skill at multiple positions as the tigers do.

Alabama on the other hand is arguably the best defense in the land. Taking home #1 rankings in sacks, scoring and rushing defense. Now we can expect their defense to show up in the championship game on January 11th but what will make a difference is which team can cause turnovers from their opponent. Both teams pride themselves on stingy defense and taking care of the ball. It will ultimately come down to who can secure the ball in the clutch moments. Clemson has an ability to open up the field but will they be able to against the attacking defense of Alabama? This will be one of the better championship matchups in a while. Clemson looks to take their program to the next level and Alabama tries to continue their decade of dominance.

The National Championship will be the culmination of a wonderful season. Especially because my Wolverines are back to their winning ways. In my household we love college football like athletes love their cars and we look forward to seeing Alabama go down. I am picking Clemson to win it all in a 37-31 victory. Who do you think will win the college football national championship? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Can someone tell the Redskins to change their name already!

Dan Snyder needs to reevaluate the Washington team’s offensive name

It has been an ongoing battle between the Native American community, lets rephrase this, it has been an ongoing battle for EVERYBODY who finds the teams name embarrassing and insensitive, so can someone tell the Redskins to change their name already?. While the owner of the Washington Redskins clings on to this derogatory namesake the climate around him continues to grow against his favor. Over the years, addressing racism in this country has never been easy. Especially for those promoting the sickness through their actions or blatant disregard to people who they are insulting. After years of pleading the Native American community has made substantial ground on the issue at hand with the Washington Redskins. Forcing owner Dan Snyder to reevaluate his position on keeping the name and the historic legacy that has been tied with it. For many it seems like an easy adjustment but financially it can be an expensive road to travel especially with the historic value the team and the name ‘Redskins’ has generated. We are talking 50+ years of screaming fans who have unknowingly promoted a brand that shows insensitivity towards another race of people.

I don’t blame the fans for their lack of information but now that the veil has been pulled from their eyes, I find it very difficult to understand why they still support the team in the manner that they do. A team who hasn’t been competitive in several years still wants to promote an image that demeans another set of people —the understanding is beyond me. Changing the mascot cannot be as difficult as Dan Snyder makes it. The New Orleans Pelicans switched over from the New Orleans Hornets before the beginning of the 2014 season and it has worked out pretty smooth. The excuse can’t be that it won’t work.

Moving Forward

As the league becomes more and more scrutinized with the problems with domestic violence by players, alcohol and drug related issues with players off the field, the fact that they will allow acknowledged disrespect to continue to infect the league is a bit confusing. When it comes to player discipline the NFL has strict policies but when the insubordination/classlessness comes from the ownership side their reaction has been much more delayed. Changing a mascot has been done before. There have been 8 programs who have dropped the name “Redskins” around the country. Many of which are highschools and colleges. I believe the professional team should be leading by example not wallowing behind hoping the Native American Community gives up on the fight.

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I believe 2016 will be the year we see a change. The Washington team can utilize other alternative mascots and keep their legendary color scheme of gold and burgundy. The switch doesn’t have to be this sophisticated transition but a simple fix is undoubtedly needed. There are dog breeds that are specific to the Maryland, D.C. area that could substitute easily. A boxer which has not been used as team mascot would be an awesome switch and serve a larger purpose than just being a mascot. A dog would be a wonderful mascot alternative because they are the true representation of loyalty. I think it could work for the Washington organization.

In order to change the world, we have to reject those who continue to disregard human emotion. The fact that people feel disrespected by the mascot is reason enough to change it. The NFL needs to take a bigger role in the process or risk losing another piece of their loyal fan base. Action speaks volumes and the leagues lack of action is starting to become another indication of an atmosphere that seems to care only when it starts to reflect on the reputation of the shield. I love football but I love people the most and we have reached the point where change is needed. Let go of the name please!

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Top 5 Sports Stories you may have forgot about in 2015

These top sports stories of 2015 include Usain Bolt, Holly Holm and more

It has been a year to remember in 2015 when it comes to sports, so we have compiled the top 5 sports stories you may have forgot about in 2015. We see a lot of talk about the major stories Serena Williams dominance, Stephan Curry and the Golden State Warriors but what about the stories that were just as big but isolated performances. Here are a few stand out players, teams or people in sports who were able to accomplish unimaginable success in 2015.

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5. Usain Bolt Continues to dominate

Another year that we were granted an opportunity to see greatness unfold in front of ours during these 2015 top sports stories. After a down track and field season in 2014 due to numerous injuries and bad luck, Bolt bounced back by taking home the Gold in 100M, 200M as well as leading the Jamaican team to another Gold in the 4X100M relay race. These were Bolts 9th and 10th Gold medals in the World Championships and his 12th overall medals in the Event. Usain looks to be ready for the 2016 Summer Olympics and prime to take his legacy to an even higher level.

4. Elena Della Dona becomes new face of WNBA

The WNBA star had a great year in 2015. Women’s basketball in regularly swept underneath the rug but Della Dona was able to navigate between the lack of support to becoming one of the leagues’ premier stars. Her 23.5 points and 8.4 rebounds a game for the Chicago Sky helped lead the franchise to their first playoff berth in their short history, as well as solidified her spot as WNBA League MVP over the likes of greats like Simone Augustus, Tamika Catchings and Maya Moore to name a few. She has been a new fresh face in the sport and I look forward to seeing her blossom even more in the coming years.

3. American Pharaoh takes the coveted Triple Crown

Now you may be wondering why this is on a list of the forgotten moments but since it happened so early in the year it deserved a mention. American Pharaoh, the horse that denied the odds had an amazing year. Winning the Kentucky Derby as a favorite then took on all the pressure by winning the Preakness setting up an opportunity to end the 36-year drought of Triple Crown winners. With trainers resting their horses in the Preakness to save them to defeat American Pharaoh in Belmont, there efforts proved no match to the thoroughbred who took the lead late in the Belmont and never looked back taking the Triple Crown for the first time since 1978.

2. Kansas City Royals prove that their 2014 was no fluke

After one of the best seasons in franchise history in 2014, which resulted in a loss in the World Series, the Kansas City Royals came back ready to prove their Cinderella run was no fluke. The Royals took care of business in the Central division most of the season. Relying on top notch pitching and “small ball” the Royals were able to shut down the Mets with a comeback effort that lifted them into the MLB hierarchy. The Royals took home the franchise’s first MLB World Series title since 1985.

Floyd Mayweather delivers record breaking numbers

Now this is such a polarizing subject it had to top my list. Everyone knows I am a Floyd die hard so to see everyone express disappoint and disdain over something so monumental hurts my soul. Mayweather was able to do what no prize fighter has ever done. He promoted and generated a level of interest unseen in the boxing world (Over $500 million in revenue in one fight). His fight between Manny Pacquiao may have been underwhelming to most but to me is was a solidifying moment for Floyd to claim his “TBE” moniker. Despite taking down pacman pretty easy and fulfilling his Showtime contract with a decent bout against Andre Berto, Mayweather respectively retired from the sport of boxing after his last fight with an unprecedented record of 49-0 tying the great Rocky Marciano for the best record of all time. Despite your personal take on Mayweather, 2015 really exemplified his power and how he really hits a nerve with his naysayers. The sport will miss Mayweather but a new era is forming in his absence.

Honorable Mention

My honorable mention of 2015 top sports stories is Holy Holm. The new Bantamweight champion defied the odds and knocked out the previously undefeated Champion Ronda Rousey. A straight kick to the face exploded the internet and made Holm everyone’s new favorite fighter. I cannot wait for the rematch and seeing where Holm can take her new found fame. If you have any other stories post them in a comment. It has been an amazing year of sports and 2016 looks to bring some great memories as well. Let’s see if Cam Newton and Stephan Curry can keep their dominant ends of 2015 going into the New Year. Happy New Year everyone and see you in 2016

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Carolina Panther’s Cam Newton is on top

Hate or it or love it the quarterback is on top of his game

Hate it or love it but the Carolina Panther’s Cam Newton is on top. The Cam Newton story is an interesting tale. The young quarterback has taken the hits on and off the field with some of his behavior. He has literally been painted with a brush that in my opinion holds no true value to the person he actually is. Cam has always been an upfront no nonsense character who’s only agenda was to win football games. Drafted #1 in 2011 with expectations as high as anyone he has taken the brunt of the criticism over the past 4 seasons for not being able to get his Carolina Panthers to the next level. Finally his time has come and his team is in position to control their destiny if they can continue to play to the level they have so far.

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Panthers get it done on the Field


Cam Newton is one of the most dynamic players in the NFL. His 6’5 245lb stature is not one to take lightly. He has led the Carolina Panthers minus their number 1 wide receiver Franklin Benjamin to an 11-0 start this season. They are the last remaining undefeated team in the NFL and are slowly running away with the NFC south division. Their dominating defense and the poise Newton has shown this year has been the biggest reasons for the Panthers success. Cam is boasting an 89.5 passer rating, while throwing for 2,466 yards and 20 touchdowns so far this season. He has also rushed for 427 yards this season and you can give him responsibility for 27 touchdowns already.

The Carolina Panthers are a hard hitting football team. They play really tough defense and run the ball down the throat of their opponents. Nothing flashy or spectacular about it and this formula is working well. Cam is the leader, but Linebacker Luke Kuechly is a big reason for the defense and how it handles itself each and every week. Luke had two interceptions against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving that helped put the game away and keep their undefeated season alive. Their defense ranks #1 in the NFC, only allowing opponents 312 yards of total offense a game. A defense that has taken on every challenge matched with the MVP caliber season Cam Newton is providing, the Panthers have a team destined for a long run in the playoffs. Hopefully Newton is able to stay focused and healthy as they attempt to bring home a coveted championship back to North Carolina.

What Happen to the Fun in Football

Winning in the NFL use to be fun and when you did win you were able to stretch the limits a little more than the other teams when it comes to celebration. The 2015 version of the NFL is more like the boarding school that has such high expectation that the students dread every minute of it. They almost limit personal expression from players to the point you notice every time someone does something “inappropriate”. Cam Newton plays with a certain level of passion that shows when he loses and when he wins. Dancing when you score a touchdown is a part of NFL tradition, sometimes it can become excessive but when you are 11-0 and the team on the other side of the ball is doing everything possible to stop you and they still can’t, I think that is a true dance worthy circumstance.

We have to stop looking for our star athletes to be idols that can’t be themselves. This is football, a sport built off the violence one puts on another man. Then we ask these same men to put their bodies on the line for our enjoyment every week but they can’t celebrate their effort. It doesn’t seem like an adequate trade off to me.

With Success comes Controversy


A few weeks ago, after Cam Newton and the Panthers won a game against the Tennessee Titans, a fan wrote the local newspaper with complaints about Newton’s chosen celebration on that Sunday. Insinuating that his crude behavior was detrimental to her 9 year old daughter and the sexual connotation that he displayed through his hip thrust could be borderline obscene. The fact that someone would take time out of their day to write someone who otherwise would have never spoken about them shows how much success plays a role in the perception people have of you.

When you are losing like everyone else people are excited about your touchdown celebrations but as soon as you are “winning too much” people start to get uncomfortable with those same celebrations. This is a reflection of a league that is struggling to find an identity. Some of their more popular players go against the grain and as a conglomerate this may become their most uncontrollable problem. When everyone under the shield no longer shares solidarity on issues that make the NFL progress is when the beginning of the end will happen. The NFL is changing but I have no clue if it is going in a good direction or bad one at this point. What do you think? Is the league making changes that you like or dislike? Leave a comment.  

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Are the Golden State Warriors really this good?

Steph Curry is bringing the Golden State Warriors to the top of the pack

Now that the young NBA season has gotten off to a rapid start, we can see who the better teams are in the league and it raises the question: Are the Golden State Warriors really this good? We also know who look like the spot fillers for the elite to step over as they pursue the NBA title. It has been one of those astounding seasons to remember for the defending champions and even more amazing is the play of MVP Stephen Curry. They have started the season 15-0 defeating teams in numerous ways with the leadership and dynamic play by their point guard.

The Steph Curry Show

Curry has lead the way with stats that are only rivaled by the likes of Michael Jordan. He has been able to come out of the gate smoking hot hitting 51% of his field goals and shooting 44% from behind the 3 point line. Offensively Curry has stepped the level of his game up tremendously adding even more accuracy to his arsenal. Along with the better shooting he is playing tough defense that has helped in this historic start for the team. Although Curry has been a big piece of the puzzle, the Luke Walton led team has other players that may be the reason for the greatest team of all time comparisons.

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The Impact of the Others

The “Others” are the players that compliment Steph Curry and All-Star shooting guard Klay Thompson. One of the biggest threats to any team is Draymond Green. Draymond has brought a competitive edge to the Warriors that has honestly been a defining factor in their championship run. The Michigan State alumni is particularly important on the defensive end his ability to cover space and guard multiple positions successfully allows for Curry to initiate his tough off the ball defense. This formula causes turn overs and fast breaks that allow the sharpshooting warriors team to capitalize. Trust me when I say they know how to capitalize.

They capitalize by playing a very organized style of basketball. They lead the league in assist per game as well as Field Goal percentage per game. These 2 stats alone make them hard to handle. When you pass the ball and utilize the whole court to your advantage you will get open shots and the Warriors have mastered the ability to knock down the open shot. Taking care of the ball and making the extra pass has put them in the conversation with the Bulls team that went 72-10 with MJ and Scottie Pippen leading the way.

Are the comparisons Fair?

We are only 15 games into the season and the normal wear and tear of the year has yet to hit the warriors, while several other teams are waiting for the return of some key players to their lineups. This doesn’t necessarily mean they would have been able to beat them either way but it is something to talk about. Health is a vital part of a championship run. Ask the cavaliers how they feel about Kyrie Irving getting hurt in the first game of the NBA finals last year. The warriors have been able to stay away from the injury bug for the most part keeping their winning ways going. A team that has played together for several years and one that possess the talent to be mentioned with the great teams in history. I do not have a problem with the comparisons because at this point it doesn’t look like there is a team in the league that will be able to beat the Warriors 4 times in a series.

They look prime to repeat as NBA champions. I am unsure if they can win more than 72 games or even tie that record but I do see them coming close. They only lost 15 games last year and with the MVP playing in such a legendary way the sky is truly the limit. If you ask me the Warriors are really that good. What do you think about the Golden State Warriors so far? Are they ready to win another championship? Are they as good as the Jordan 72-10 team? Leave a comment and let me know what you think: Are the Golden State Warriors really this good?

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Rousey took her first defeat and the Internet erupted

Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm during the fight on Saturday night

Saturday night was the night Rousey took her first defeat and he Internet erupted. After a year of much success for Ronda Rousey, the bantamweight champion has grown to be one of the most recognized fighters in America. Her engaging fighting style has led her to an undefeated record and a confidence that seems to have begun to radiate out of her in all of her interviews. I am not one who talks bad about those who display confidence as long as they continuously back it up. She deserves her point of view. She has worked tirelessly at her craft and has been able to maneuver in a male dominated sport flawlessly up until this point so I personally cannot send any negativity her way. Now with that being said she has made numerous remarks about Floyd Mayweather that were distasteful which made me dislike her attitude due to my 20 year fan hood of Floyd. This weekend Rousey put her title on the line against her biggest threat to date Holly Holm out of New Mexico.

Rousey who has made a name of herself by dominating the competition almost Mike Tysonesque. She knocked out her last 2 opponents within the first 1 minute of those fights and seemed to be utterly unstoppable. This perception has grown her to become a house hold name also helped her in winning the ESPY for Fighter of the year earlier this year. She was prime to become the next big thing in UFC, if she wasn’t already. Now all of these accolades seem to come to her very quickly. Her 12-0 record is not one to look over but in reality she still needs to do a lot more work to solidify herself among the elite woman athletes that have blessed the Earth. She has been named with the likes of Laila Ali, Serena Williams and Cheryl Miller to name a few and in my opinion she has yet to make a big enough statement to claim that respect. As a Judo fighter she is cream of the crop but in the competitive realm her legacy is still being written so it is hard to say she will surpass or has surpassed any of those women.

Now that we have discussed Rousey and her legacy we can go into the reality that she is no longer Bantamweight champion after Saturday Night. This well-deserved bravado she has displayed came to a crashing stop against the quick and savvy Holly Holm. Holly who is a multiple time world champion seemed to be Rousey most prolific opponent to date and in the end proved to be the better fighter on Saturday. The irony of the fight is that Holly moved around sticking Rousey with quick straight left hands to the face keeping the tremendous grappling ability of Rousey as far away as possible. This strategy reminded me of the great Floyd Mayweather. She dominated Rousey in a match that ended 52 seconds into the 2nd round with Rousey being powerfully kicked in the neck, violently knocking her to the ground bouncing her head off of the canvas. Holm followed with 2 quick open shots to the face forcing the referee to end the fight awarding Holly Holm the Bantamweight championship and ending the undefeated run of Rousey.

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Holly Holm’s win is being named one of the biggest upsets in sports history but to me it was a win for a great fighter who outclassed a younger fighter. She took it to Rousey without fear unlike her other opponents and when the opportunity presented itself she didn’t miss and she was able to knock the champion out. A great win for Holm and I look forward to seeing how Rousey bounces back from her first taste of defeat. What I did learn about this weekend most of all, the same people who will cheer you on will turn around and make fun of you when you fall. Rousey is still a great fighter but Holm was better on Saturday night. Look forward to seeing her reign as champion. What did you think about the game? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Is Stephen Curry the best player in the NBA?

Here are few players that can make their own cases

So the question of the day is Stephen Curry the best player in the NBA? Now before I jump on this growing trend about the greatness of Stephen Curry I want to discuss why he is even mentioned in that category. After a few decent seasons to start his career he has grown to become one of the most dynamic players/ athletes in all of sports. His ability to shoot the ball with precision and quickness is unmatched by anyone I have ever personally seen (including myself). I grew up watching Reggie Miller and Ray Allen but Curry is honestly a different animal and cut from one of the most unique cloths ever seen. Son to an NBA ball player Dale Curry who was a great shooter in his own right, Steph has become a fan favorite and MVP seemingly out of nowhere. It is tough to not watch him in awe sometimes. Now that being said, to say he is the best player in the NBA after one great season is very hard when you have players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and even Demarcus Cousins who due to his reputation gets over looked a lot but I will talk about him on a later post.

When we talk best player in the NBA it is impossible to not talk about LeBron James. He is in my opinion the best in the league right now. His ability to raise the game of his teammates is unmatched by any player past and present. He may not be able to close out championship runs like MJ but his overall effect on the game provides his teammates with opportunities to shine in their own way. LeBron dominates the game without dominating the ball like most superstars and he could really win MVP every year when you look at numbers and games won.

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Kevin Durant returns from a foot injury he suffered early last season. The former MVP has a lot to prove because in his absence Stephen Curry has become the talk of the town. Kevin Durant who is the best shooting big man in the history of the sport, can put the ball in the rim with the best of them. When healthy he is routinely a 30 point scorer and will put his team on his back late in games. I believe this year after sitting out so long he will put together one of the best campaigns of his career. Now that Russell Westbrook has emerged it will take the pressure off of KD and make his accurate shooting ability mean so much more to the growth of the team. I do believe he will reclaim his dominance and really show the world why he is the best in the NBA.

Now this last guy is new to the conversation but deserves every bit of the attention. Russell Westbrook has taken years of heat for “not passing” the ball as much as people think he should have. I have been in his defense since the beginning trying to explain to people that if he passed more they would have lost more. He is the hardest player to guard in the NBA. After developing his mid-range game he has now become even harder to guard. Explosive, under control and now that he limits his turnovers and averages 7 assist a game, it is almost impossible for most guards to handle him. He is basically a walking triple double. Adding KD back to the Thunder lineup this year will put him in a new stratosphere. Mark my words if he can stay healthy Russell Westbrook will win MVP this season by a land slide. He is too good to be over looked and his energy level is rivaled by none.

Now there are other players that can be added to the elite level but these are the few that compare to Curry. Greatness is measured by consistency and the ability to win games. All three of these guys do both. They also make their teammates better which is true for Stephen Curry. Curry on the other hand is on a mission to prove last years’ legendary season was no fluke. Do you think Stephen Curry is the best player in NBA right now or are people jumping the gun? Let me know in the comments below. 

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NBA Season has officially begun, so who are the Title Contenders?

If Golden State wants to repeat here are a few of the teams they will have to go through

NBA Season has officially begun, so who are the title contenders since there is some amazing basketball being played? The reigning champions Golden State Warriors have basically started where they left off last year with 3 dominating performances in the first week of the season. Teams are finally healthy and it looks like it could be one of the best seasons in recent history. So every year people talk who is the best and what team will get to the Finals this year after all of the transactions and free agent pickups. This season is packed with competitive teams and contenders for Golden States title.

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder have been going through some rough years as of late due to injuries to both of their stars in the last 2 seasons. Now they are finally healthy and have so much to prove after losing long time head coach Scott Brooks this off season. Last year without former MVP Kevin Durant in the lineup they failed to make the playoffs by 1 NBA game to the New Orleans Pelicans. Although, all was not lost last year with the team because dynamic point guard Russell Westbrook spread his wings and became arguably the most dominating point guard in the game last year. Racking up triple doubles and being an unstoppable force on both sides of the ball. The thunder also added D J Augustine which gives them much needed depth at the point guard positon. If they can stay healthy the Thunder will challenge the Warriors for a Western Conference Championship this season. I believe Westbrook will win MVP this season with a record number of Triple doubles to go with it.

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Chicago Bulls

After finally getting their star player Derek Rose back for the bulk of last season the Bulls look to be a strong contender out of the East this season. The emergence of Jimmy Butler has given them another threat to create and make buckets. Pau Gasol and Joekim Noah make for one the best big man tandems in the NBA. Their ability to pass and finish is only matched by Memphis Grizzlies big men Mark Gasol and Zach Randolph. New head coach Fred Hoiberg has opened up the offense making room for last year’s unproductive bench players like NCAA All American Doug McDermott to finally make an impact. The Bulls should return back to the Eastern conference finals anything less will be a disappointing season for the franchise.

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs have a lot to prove this year. I personally believe it is championship or bust for them this season. Adding two All Star big men David West from Indiana and Lamarcus Aldridge from Portland to their already stout team gives them a big edge in the season. You still have the big three of the last decade Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker and the GOAT Time Duncan plus a supporting cast that has no rival. The addition of young talent to the old crafty veterans has put the Spurs in the driver seat to win another NBA title and allow Tim Duncan to leave the game on top. Kawhi Leonard’s defense and control on offense gives them a go to guy who can also lock down the other team’s best defender. Should be a great year for the Spurs.

Los Angeles Clippers

The clippers have done the most adding and subtracting over the summer. After blowing a 3-1 series lead against the Houston Rockets in last years’ playoffs the clippers have a lot of making up to do. They went out and got the veteran Paul Pierce and a young gunner in Lance Stephenson to strengthen their line up for a long season. They were able to convince Deandre Jordan to stay in LA and now have a real chance to pursue a championship for the newly owned franchise. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will still be the focus of the offense and leaders of the team but they have enough help to alleviate any excuses. The clippers must get it done this season or we may see this team finally break it up.

There are a few sleeper teams that I like that I will discuss in a later post. These are the teams I feel will give the Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors a run for their money this season. I am excited about the basketball season and can’t wait for these teams to play each other when it all matters. So since the NBA season has begun, who do you think will be the title contenders? Leave a comment and let me know.

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GGG vs Lemieux can be fight of the year

Gennady Golvkin vs Lemieux will be a massive fight in the sport of boxing

Now that the illustrious career of Floyd Mayweather Jr. has come to an end GGG vs Lemieux can be fight of the year. The sport of boxing is looking to bring to the helm a new crown bearer, someone who can bring the excitement inside the ring that Mayweather brought outside of it. Mayweather is the best promoter/boxer the sport has seen and filling his stature in the sport could take time but this weekend we have a wonderful opportunity to watch one of the 2 most exciting fighters in the sport go at it once again. Gennady Golovkin better known as GGG has a menacing aura and brings to the ring an undefeated record with a reputation of being the toughest Middleweight in the world with Mike Tysonesque punching power. He takes on another young heavy handed Middleweight David Lemieux.


GGG comes into Saturday with 33-0 record with 30 of those wins coming from convincing knockouts. His power has been one of the hot topics in the sport over the last few years adding knockout after knockout to his resume. One argument against GGG is that his competition level has not been up to par since coming over to the United States but I always say as long as you beat who they put in front of you the rest will fall into place. And Golovkin has done just that. Knock out after knock out has put fear into the eyes of Middleweight competitors with many tough guys keeping their distance from this German born juggernaut. His aggressive style is fun to watch but leaves room for someone with impeccable skill to capitalize, this will be his first test against a fighter who has the 1 hit KO ability as Lemieux and a champion with everything to lose.


David Lemieux is a Canadian born power puncher who has a great record to stand on as well. This serves to be GGG most competitive challenge. Lemieux who holds the IBF Middleweight Title and brings his championship pedigree and a respect level from the boxing fans that Golovkin has yet to see in his time in America. Lemieux’s capabilities to knock his opponent out with 1 power punch can turn the tide of this match. Lemieux comes in to Saturday with a 34-2 record with 31 wins by knockouts under his belt. This will be the toughest test for Lemieux in his career, but the 27 year old coming off winning his title is jumping right into the ring with one of the pound for pound best in the sport. A decision like that deserves respect.

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The fight will take place at Madison Square Garden on Saturday via HBO pay per view. I cannot wait to see this slugfest happen. I think Lemieux will bring the best out of GGG but may come up a bit short due to Golovkin over bearing power and skill in the ring. Golovkin who holds the WBO and IBO Middleweight titles is coming into Saturday with 14 straight title defenses and 20 straight wins coming by knockout. He is putting this staunch record on the line against a hungry opponent with a lot of confidence.

Boxing is still a growing sport and the need from someone to take the torch from Mayweather into the next generation has come. Golovkin to this point has looked like the next big thing in the sport and this will be his first pay per view fight and opportunity to show the world that he is the one who will push the sport into a new stratosphere. Lemieux is taking the challenge in his prime and can really change the dynamic of the boxing world with a victory Saturday Night. Tune in and then come back and tell me what you thought about the fight. I have Lemieux in an 8 round KO upset. What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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