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Jill Treacy

Kate Middleton and Prince William win fight over nude photos

The royal pair won their battle for privacy…this time


Kate Middleton and Prince William were granted an injunction from a French court against Closer magazine and their topless photos of Middleton on vacation in France. The magazine was ordered to hand over all photos of the topless Duchess and cease publication of the story, though the battle has only just begun. Publications in Italy and Ireland have already released the photos infamous photos and it is unlikely the spread of what is being called a “brutal display” will end there.

What was a seemingly innocent vacation turned into a royal mess for Kate Middleton and Prince William last week as blurry, zoomed-in photos of a topless Middleton made their way across France and, subsequently, the rest of the world. The front cover of Closer magazine features Kate and William sunbathing at a chateau balcony in the Province region.  According to the royals, the chateau was in a private area and the photos are a deep invasion of privacy. They have asked French prosecutors to launch a criminal inquiry against the photographer, however, Closer editor said the couple was “visible from the street” and not making an effort to hide themselves.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s fierce legal attack ended Tuesday with a cease-publication order in France and a roughly $2,500 fine. Prince William was said to have taken swift legal action in his determination to prevent the media infiltrating Middleton’s life like they did his mother, Princess Diana. This small battle has been won, but it most likely not the end for this adored, yet inevitably targeted couple.

Gretchen Carlson pranked on primetime

Fox’s Gretchen Carlson didn’t appreciate getting punked on live television


Gretchen Carlson thought she was getting a picture perfect representation of the unemployed, young adults of America for her live Monday morning segment on Fox & Friends. However, her booked interviewee, Max Rice, had other plans. The interview-turned-prank, meant to showcase the high unemployment rate among 18- to 24-year-olds, made America laugh (though, rather concerned for the future generation) and Carlson squirm. 

Following some harsh statistics about young American unemployment and a stiff Gretchen Carlson introduction, Max Rice took the stage with “’Sup” and a hand wave. Rice, described as a recent college graduate who is unemployed and just moved out of his parent’s house, greeted Carlson with “Hello, Miss USA, it’s an honor,” and everything went downhill from there. The former Miss America corrected him on her previous title, but he quipped, “I wish I could see you” and that she’s “Miss Universe in my book.” 

Carlson proceeded in attempting to get a newsworthy testimony out of him, but it just wasn’t happening. When asked about supporting Obama in 2008, Rice said he was a “huge” supporter and he “met him in third grade,” but now he supports Mitt Romney because “I lost a basketball game to a friend of mine.” 

And it didn’t get any less awkward, especially not with the added, “I can’t see your face right now, this is so weird” on Rice’s end. Carlson shut down the interview with obvious frustration, saying Rice wasn’t ready for primetime. 

Rice, recently uncovered to have been his high school’s class president and valedictorian via a YouTube video, claimed to have gone on the Fox & Friends with the intention of making fun of it. The prankster told Raw Story he got on the show after answering a call from Fox looking for recent college graduates and Mitt Romney supporters. He intended to joke around on the air of what he called a “fake news organization.” 

“They were just casting a part in a show,” Rice said. “They were so stupid…I’m just a kid messing around.” 

Gretchen Carlson doesn’t think he’s ready for primetime just yet, but Fox News criticizers think he did just fine.

Snoop Lion more peaceful than Snoop Dogg

The hip-hop turned reggae artist Snoop Lion voices new lifestyle and support for Obama


Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, has taken to a life of peace, love and Obama. The newly-Rastafarian announced in July that his former self had been “buried” and reborn as Snoop Lion. Also, he’s done talking about guns and drugs.

Snoop Lion, the hip-hop turned reggae artist, recently returned from a trip to Jamaica where he, editor Andy Cappers and a film crew filmed his journey exploring the Caribbean island and recording a reggae album, reported the Los Angeles Times. The film, titled Reincarnated, debuted at the Toronto Film Festival.

But he most recently made news for publicly and vehemently endorsing Obama for re-election at the Toronto Film Festival.

“Let me begin,” Snoop Lion began. “Obama for four more years, man. Bush f****d up for eight years, so, I mean, you gotta at least give [Obama] eight years. He cleaned half the s**t up in four years, realistically. It ain’t like y’all gave him a clean house. Y’all gave him a house where the TV didn’t work, the toilet was stuffed up—everything was wrong with the house.”

Snoop Lion went on to commend Obama for killing Osama Bin Laden and asking the public not to forget what Obama has done for the country.

“So he had to come in and get your thing together, then knocked down the most hated, the most wanted, the one who had our terror on orange or red or whatever color it was on—he went and found him…Now everybody is peaceful and able to move and go and have a good time—it’s because he made that happen. So please don’t forget that…” he said.

This is the second endorsement from a major rap star, the other a silly quip about Mitt Romney from Nicki Minaj.

The transition from thug-gangsta-gun-toting Snoop Dogg to sensitive and heartfelt Snoop Lion is going to take some getting used to. But it seems to have Snoop thinking about his lifestyle and his surroundings as he turns 40.

It’s sufficient to say that fans and critics are eagerly anticipating Snoop Lion’s upcoming album, also named “Reincarnation” with his first reggae single “La La La.”

Maya murals found in family kitchen

Ancient Maya murals were discovered in Guatemala family’s home.


Maya murals have revealed themselves on the wall of a Guatemalan family’s kitchen. Lucas Asicona Ramírez discovered the murals five years ago when renovating his kitchen in the village of Chajul. As Ramírez began scraping the wall and plaster fell away, the multi-wall Maya murals emerged. This is the first time in centuries the murals have seen light and scientists are racing to preserve the mural before the light fades the artwork and erases any history it might hold.

The paintings are said to date back to the 16th century after the Spanish conquest of Guatemala and some of the illustrations have text that date back to the 17th and 18th century. Archaeologist Jarosław Źrałka says that while the figures are “typical Maya,” from the waist down they “have Spanish clothes.” The Maya mural paintings are described as “a fairly remarkable thing.” Depictions include figures in procession with both Maya and Spanish clothing, and some are holding what appears to be human hearts. 

“We don’t get a lot of this type of artwork; it’s not commonly preserved in the New World,” says William Saturno, a Boston University archaeologist. “It’d be neat to see who the folks were who painted on the wall and why.”

An explanation for the Maya murals could be in the location and history of the 300-year-old house. The Chajul village was one of the few cities that survived the Spanish conquistadores and a rare holder of Mayan history. Saturno also questions the history of the town and the relevance of that particular house.

“There’s 500 years of history in this town. See whose [house] it was. It’s unlikely to be just Joe Schmo’s house—it’s probably an important person’s house.”

The Ramírez family wants to convert the room into a small museum, according to the National Geographic, but lacks the funds. In the meantime, scientists will continue researching and looking into homes in the area for other possible Maya murals.

Lady Gaga shaves head for friend's mother

The pop star sports a new hairstyle in honor of Terry Richardson’s late mother


Lady Gaga has shaved part of her head in tribute to friend Terry Richardson’s late mother. Richardson announced that his mother, Annie Lomax, passed away Tuesday. Lady Gaga showed support with a new hairstyle resembling Richardson’s hairline and an endearing tweet.

“I did it for u Terry. I’m sorry about ure mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess high,” Lady Gaga’s tweet reads.

The singer and photographer cultivated a close friendship after the famous Richardson spent almost a year photographing the pop star. The photographer captured Lady Gaga backstage and in her everyday life. The photos were published in 2011 in a book titled “Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson.”

In the days leading up to his mother’s death, Richardson shared a series of photographs of Lomax on Tumblr. In a post on his blog, he wrote, “R.I.P. Annie Lomas, My Mom 1938-2012. I Love You Mom, Get Some Rest And Feel Better.”

Lady Gaga also shared a photo of the front of her hair, which remains intact, saying, “But we still have glamour in the front. ARTPOP.”

A little bit odd, the gesture is in proper fashion for the quirky Lady Gaga.

Pink gloves controversy over

The controversy between a football player and his coach over a pair of pink football gloves has been resolved.


The pink gloves controversy has disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared. The controversy over a middle-school football player’s pink gloves came about when the coach of the football team asked 12-year-old Julian Connerton to take off the pink gloves he was wearing in support of his mom’s battle with breast cancer. Connerton took them off at first, though, a fellow player convinced him to put them back on. The coach then benched Connerton for wearing the gloves again, to which Connerton walked off the field.

The Egg Harbor City Crusaders Coach Paul Burgan has apologized for the whole pink gloves controversy, claiming an oversight on the connection between the color pink and breast cancer awareness.

“Me personally, I forgot. It’s not that I don’t know what the color pink stands for. I forgot,” he told My Fox NY. Burgan also said that if he remembered that Julian’s mother had breast cancer, he would have allowed him to play with the gloves. Twenty-six year old Burgan met with the Connerton family on Tuesday to resolve the pink gloves controversy and commend Julian on his dedication to his family.

“He did something 100 percent right. He stood up for his mother. That’s what you want every kid to do,” Burgan told the Press. “In the end you don’t want to hurt any of the kids’ feelings. At the time I didn’t know I hurt his feelings. I feel bad. You don’t want this to happen to anyone’s mother.”

Julian was welcomed back to the Crusaders on Wednesday for their first game and was specifically told he could wear the pink gloves for the remainder of the season. Pink glove controversy over.

Gwyneth Paltrow named best dressed woman on the planet

People magazine announced that Gwyneth Paltrow is the “World’s Best Dressed Woman” of 2012


Gwyneth Paltrow has been named the “World’s Best Dressed Woman” by People magazine. Paltrow’s win was somewhat of a surprise but is attributed to her classic and elegant style. Elizabeth Saltzman, stylist to the trendy star, told People that Paltrow keeps to her own “uniform.”

“She doesn’t do fringe. She has a uniform. It’s simple, not overdone,’ Saltzman says of the acclaimed Gwyneth Paltrow look. “She goes, ‘I’m happy—and that matters more.’ That’s what sets her apart from the rest.”

“Simple, not overdone” describes the 39-year-old actress’ looks in some of her most popular outfits, namely the most recent white, Tom Ford caped ensemble she wore to the 2012 Oscars, the shimmery Calvin Klein Collection dress she shined in at the 2011 Oscars and, not to forget, the famous pink Ralph Lauren gown she accepted her 1999 Oscar in for Shakespeare in Love. A lot of classy designers makes for a classy Gwyneth.

People claims the list of best dressed women in the world was put together with input from their 42 million readers, editor and fashion bloggers. Gwyneth Paltrow, mother of two, beat out her younger competitors for the top spot, but the competition was close. Kate Middleton, Emma Stone, Rihanna and the Kardashian sisters were all runners up. The Duchess of Cambridge was named the woman with the best style, and Jessica Alba won “Best Jeans.” Emma Stone has been making a name for herself in the fashion industry, attending red carpet events in bright, bold and mature outfits this past year.

Among the best dressed gentlemen were Andrew Garfield, Brad Pitt, Colin Firth, Robert Pattinson, Liam Hemsworth and Jay-Z. 

Libya, Egypt and Yemen violence erupting

U.S. ambassador and three Americans die in Libya attack while violence erupts in Egypt and Yemen as well


Libya U.S. ambassador and three U.S. citizens were murdered Tuesday on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and attacks elsewhere may give Washington concern for long-term problems. The U.S. Embassy in Cairo came under attack a few hours before the massacre in Libya, and while the attack in Egypt did not result in any deaths, the Obama administration is questioning Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi’s response to the attacks. While Libyan officials were quick to apologize for the attack, Morsi responded in a lax and indifferent manner to the anti-American unrest in Egypt, according to the New York Times.

The riots and attacks in Libya, Egypt and now Yemen were prompted by an anti-Muslim video circulating on the web that apparently insulted the Prophet Mohammad. Rioters are blaming America for the blasphemous video. Egypt’s President Mohammad Morsi and his movement for greater Islamic law has been on Washington’s radar since he was elected. Egyptian police did coordinate with American officials against the rioter’s attack, but Morsi was slow to issue a statement against the rioters, and his movement, Muslim Brotherhood, has since moved into a second day of protests against the video.

After issuing a statement of appreciation to Libya in aiding American officials during the attack, President Obama and the White House called Morsi to “review the strategic partnership” between the U.S and Egypt. The president has not given up hope in Egypt, stating, “I don’t think that we should consider them an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy.” Nevertheless, he also acknowledged the responsibilities Egypt has to uphold in their relationship with the U.S. In an interview with Telemundo, he stated that the Egyptian government “is still a work in progress, but certainly in this situation, what we’re going to expect is that they are responsive to our insistence that our embassy is protected, our personnel is protected. And if they take actions that they’re not taking those responsibilities, as all countries do where we have embassies, I think that is going to be a real big problem.”

Egypt is the second largest recipient of American foreign aid at $2 billion a year, according to the New York Times. Obama has supported the rise of Egypt’s democratically elected civilian government as well as other Arab spring movements, including that in Libya, but it has been proposed that some of the movements are simply out of the United States’ hands. 

Candy corn Oreos?

Nabisco comes out with candy corn Oreos for the Halloween season.


Candy corn Oreos are hitting the store this Halloween season and I think it is safe to say that the reactions to the new flavor are more anticipated than the actual cookie itself. Nabisco’s Oreo cookies are no stranger to a quirky palette of flavors, including cool mint, winter, birthday cake and even green tea over in China. The newest development debut on Target shelves this week.

Let’s think this candy corn Oreo thing through, though. No one is indifferent to candy corn; half of the human population loves it and half of the human population loathes it. There’s no in-between. But, maybe this could be a step in a positive direction, maybe the slight transfer of food groups from candy to cookie could turn some diehard haters into serenely happy enthusiasts.

 The half-yellow, half-orange filling in between the two vanilla cookies is said to have a hint of candy-corn flavor but pretty much tastes like icing. Could be good, right?

My question is though, if you love candy corn, why not just eat some actual candy corn instead of a candy corn flavored Oreo?

Ovarian cancer screening not recommended

Medical experts say the screening test for ovarian cancer is not worth the risk.


Ovarian cancer screening tests sound like a good idea since ovarian cancer is the fifth-most common cause of cancer deaths in women, but an advisory panel has reaffirmed its 2004 warning against the procedure. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) discourages the screening after much research because the test can lead to unnecessary surgery and does not necessarily detect tumors earlier than doctors can detect them via symptoms.

“There simply is not currently a method of screening that works,” Dr. Virginia Moyer of the USPSTF told Reuters Health of the ovarian cancer screening. “The two most common methods actually result in greater harm than benefit.”

A survey revealed that doctors recommend ovarian cancer screening and see it as effective, even though there is no evidence that says this is the case. The screening, done either by a transvaginal ultrasound or a blood test called CA-125, actually put women at risk more so than potentially detecting hidden ovarian cancer. There are no organizations that actually promote the test.

Moyer spoke on a study done to compare screened versus non-screened women, explaining how half of the 78,216 women that participated were screened with transvaginal ultrasounds and the CA-125 blood test mentioned earlier. The other half of the women were not screened at all. Moyer concluded that “it made no difference in the outcome.” In other words, the test did not detect the screening any earlier than doctors did from symptoms, therefore there is no early detection advantage.

Ladies, this means be careful, be aware and be educated. The experts are still holding out for better screening tools to be developed. In the mean time, Pat Goldman, founder of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, advises, “The important thing to remember is that if women do have symptoms or have a family history of ovarian cancer, they need to see a doctor.”