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Aria Stark Actress Begins Talks About Starring in The Last of Us Film

Maisie Williams is entering talks for the role of Ellie in the film adaptation of The Last of Us.

If you’ve watched Game of Thrones, you know who Aria Stark is, and you know that most fans of the show are even bigger fans of Aria. The little spitfire is one of the last Starks alive and is currently out for some serious revenge. It’s fantastic.

If you’ve played The Last of Us, you know that most people were big fans of Ellie and the direction Naughty Dog took her character in. An equally outrageous little spitfire at times, it seems like Ellie and Aria would hit it off in two seconds and then be best friends for life.

Or we could just… combine them.

Announced at SDCC, Maisie Williams, the actress famous for her Aria role, is currently in talks with the team behind the film adaptation of one of last year’s best games. Though game director Neil Drunkmann said that the voice-caster for Ellie would have just been 14, ideally, but hey. Maisie Williams is an incredibly strong contender for the role.

In the end, Naughty Dog will have final say in the cast for the film, which reassures me that we won’t have another incredibly stupid spin-off of one of our favorite games. Rumor has it that the scripted ending for the film will be different than that of the game, so there’s something even more interesting to look forward to.

What do you think? Would Aria Stark make a good Ellie, or would you cast someone else?

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