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They bought you flowers, but are they sympathy daisies or intimate roses?

How to tell if your crush is crushing on you


Let’s face it. It’s not easy trying to read a person’s act of affection or flirtation. They winked at you, but does that mean they are flirting or just being silly? They gave you a hug, but was it just a friend hug or more? Here are some helpful tips on how to read those signals that have you wondering if they are interested in being more than friends.

Emojis, emojis, emojis: We live in a world where texting is a very convenient form of communication. Unfortunately, text messages can be misleading to someone who is interested in being more than friends with a person. Those winky faces will get you every time. So how do you know if these tricky little emojis mean something more? Honestly, you don’t know. Not unless you know them well enough in person to be able to read their texts the correct way. Your best friend may send you a text that includes a smiley face that carries no underlying meaning. Who’s to say your crush isn’t doing the same? Communication is key, but texting can be so confusing when trying to get to know someone. The best thing you can do is talk with them in person before overanalyzing their texts.

They kissed me! We’re in love!: Let’s not get too excited yet. Most people see kissing as a sign of affection. But for others, a kiss on the cheek could just be a sign of sincerity. For example, you’re talking with your crush about a problem you’re having with a friend. After they offer you advice, they lean in and kiss your cheek. This might not mean what you hope it means. They could just be showing you a sign of comfort. Misinterpreting this kind of affection could lead you to getting your hopes up. The best way to handle a kiss on the cheek or hand is to wait it out. If they’re interested in being more than friends, the time will come when the two of you will experience a real kiss! Plus, if they had the courage to kiss your cheek, who’s to say they won’t try for the lips? Be patient and see if they make the first move.

Text me back! Return my call!: When we first develop feelings for someone, it’s only natural to want to talk to them as often as we can. But this can happen with a new friendship as well. Either way, meeting a new person you click with is exciting, but just because you feel it doesn’t mean they do, too. So how many times should you call them? Is texting them every morning and night too much? The best way to tell if someone interested in being more than friends is by how much they communicate with you. If you’re the one calling and texting them first every day, this may be a sign they don’t feel the same way. Obviously, if they are answering your calls and texting you back, they like having you in their life. But tomorrow morning, instead of texting your usual greeting, wait for them to send the first message. Instead of calling them on your lunch break, see if they call you. This will be a huge indicator on just how much they really want to be involved in your life and whether or not they’re thinking about you throughout the day.

Girl friends and guy friends: Men and women tend to have more friends of the opposite sex when they are single. So when you meet someone you’re really interested in, it’s almost a given they will have a lot of guy friends or girl friends. But how they treat those friends will determine whether or not you’re one of them or something more. Pay attention to how they act around their friends of the opposite sex the next you all go out together. Do they flirt with them? Are they giving them just as much attention as they give you? Are they doing anything differently with you that they’re not doing with them? These are big indicators on how they feel about you. If they’re affectionate with you and not with them, this is a good thing! If they talk with them but only flirt with you, take it as a sign that they’re into you. Just make sure this is the case and they’re not shooting winks to someone else across the room.

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