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Amgen cancels study on pancreatic cancer drug

Elif Geris

Results for the pancreatic cancer drug seem hopeless

Results for the pancreatic cancer drug seem hopeless

Amgen, a drug company, stopped studies of a pancreatic cancer drug just shy of the study’s end due to results that did not live up to expected standards.

The drug was not found to affect patients’ longevity, and the study was stopped during the final step of the human trial process. 

According to, the addition of ganitumab to the pancreatic cancer drug, gemcitabine, is meant to target the type 1 insulin growth factor receptor. The other name of the pancreatic cancer drug is AMG 479.

The main goal of this ingredient in the pancreatic cancer drug is to regulate cell growth.

Previous test trials for colorectal and small-cell lung cancer are currently being reviewed, as they too involved the pancreatic cancer drug.

Sean Harper, executive vice president of research and development at Amgen, said, “These disappointing results underscore the difficulty of treating pancreatic cancer, which remains a major unmet medical need.”

According to Reuters, while the pancreatic cancer drug showed no endangering results, the study did not predict any potential for success.

According to The Associated Press, the Amgen trading share fell from $81.37 to $81.09 for trade closing.

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