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Amanda Bynes breaks into retirement community

Nikki Shewmaker

Amanda Bynes' wigs are more ostentatious than her behavior

The troubled starlet had another run-in with the police after she trespassed on private property and refused to leave

Amanda Bynes is back. Everyone’s favorite train wreck has been lying low as of late, but Amanda Bynes just can’t stay out of trouble for long. The starlet and her horrific bargain basement wigs checked into the Ritz Carlton in New York last week, only to be kicked out by hotel staff.

Amanda Bynes’ problems began at check-in. She told the concierge working the front desk that she was “too ugly” to check her in, offered the number for a plastic surgeon and made the woman cry. After that patented Amanda Bynes move, hotel staff apparently found someone more attractive to complete her reservation, but Amanda Bynes wasn’t yet finished wreaking havoc.

Hotel staff described Amanda Bynes as a “nightmare” and noted that she continuously smoked pot in her hotel room and tried to cover it up with chemical sprays. Not only that, but she wracked up a $2,000 room service bill (that she didn’t want to pay) in just a matter of days. Despite repeated warnings from hotel staff, Amanda Bynes refused to stop smoking pot and she was ejected from the hotel. Amanda Bynes was last seen heading to the airport to board a plane to Los Angeles.

Amanda Bynes then took her traveling road show of crazy to Thousand Oaks, where she tried to break into a retirement community. She trespassed onto the property and was said to be drunk. When retirement community staff confronted her, she refused to leave. Quick thinking staff members tried to put her in a cab, but Amanda Bynes claimed she had no money for the cab ride. (She can afford to stay at the Ritz Carlton, but not a $30 cab ride. Sure.)

After residents of the retirement community continued to complain that Amanda Bynes was disturbing the peace, the police were called. Amanda Bynes was not arrested, but was apparently lectured by the responding officers before being escorted off of the premises. There’s no word on whether or not the cops gave Amanda Bynes a ride to her nearby Calabasas home.

Amanda Bynes is due back in court in late August stemming from charges when she threw a bong out the window of her apartment earlier this year. Hopefully she stays out of trouble in the interim and doesn’t mistake any more old folks’ homes as hotels.


As of this morning, Amanda Bynes is being held on a 5150 hold. She allegedly set fire to a driveway, and police determined she needed to under go a psychiatric evaluation.

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