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Alois Bell stiffs server, tithes God

Iesha Pompey

Alois bell wants to know why the server gets more gratuity than God.

Alois Bell fights for Gods labor rights. God 10 percent, Applebee’s server O.

Alois Bell, pastor at Truth In The World Deliverance Ministries, is making headlines today for attempting to remove an automatic gratuity intended for her Applebees server in St. Louis, Missouri. The server showed the receipt to a coworker who was fired after posting a picture of the bill were Alois Bell, the Christian, scratched out the 18 percent gratuity and wrote, “I give God 10 percent. Why do you get 18 percent?”

Applebees notes on the menu that an 18 percent gratuity is applied to parties of eight or more. The pastor was dining with five adults and five children. The photo was posted on Reddits atheist section for “entertainment” but Applebees didn’t see the humor in making fun of the pastor who was clearly advocating for Gods labor rights.

Chelsea Welch, the server’s coworker, said she thought the note was insulting, as anyone making less than minimum wage hourly would. But she also found it to be comical and wanted to share the laugh with the Reddit community.

Applebees fired Chelsea Welch on grounds of violating customer’s privacy. She captioned the photo: “My mistake sir, I’m sure Jesus will pay for my rent and groceries according to

A Facebook page supporting Chelsea Welch by boycotting Applebees surfaced recently. One user offered the fired server a job.

Alois Bell says she left the tip in cash and is stunned by the publicity, according to She says her heart is broken as she has brought embarrassment to her church and ministry.

Moral of the story: Religion has granted the opportunity to get out of doing many things: pharmacist refusing to file birth control prescriptions or legislation refusing black people the right to marry (prior to 1896, happy black history month!) for example. But dining in is not one of them. If you don’t have enough money to tip your waitress, you also don’t have enough money to be served and should take your food to go.


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