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After work wear for women

Janelle Vreeland

Transition your daytime attire for after work fun

Your attire may be business or business casual during the day, but after 5 o’clock you’ll want to be dressed to go out to dinner or out to another kind of event. The best strategy to have is to simply glam up what is already office appropriate.

If you work in a conservative environment, your wardrobe choice are probably pretty limited. But, you can spice this up by wearing funky and fun jewelry and accessories that you can simply wear to work, or change into after you duck out of the office. You can also bring a change of shoes along and slip out of those conservative pumps and into something more fun and night-friendly.

If you already have a business casual environment, the book “Big Career in the Big City” recommends that you find work appropriate attire that has a bit of novelty to it. That is, some detail that sets it, and you, apart from the rest. Look for interesting details, like unique seams and stitching, vibrant colors, uniquely placed zippers and funky buttons. Once again, you can also make your day look night-friendly by switching out your shoes.

By livening up your look for after work fun, you’ll get more use out of your clothes and you’ll get more for your money!

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