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Adele makes Billboard history.

With her top female artist, top single and top album, Adele has become the first female to achieve this.

Adele made Billboard history by becoming the first female singer to have the top album, top single and named top artist all in the same year.

Adele received recognition for her latest album 21 and her single, “Rolling in the Deep.” 
Adele said in a interview with Billboard, “I think one of the things that sets me apart from other artists who have had the same kind of success is that my life isn’t speculated about” by the media.

The artist’s album has been described by Billboard’s Julianne Escobedo Shepherd as a “break-up requiem.”

Adele, who won six Grammy nominations last week, was deemed top female artist while Lil Wayne got top male and Wiz Khalifa received best new artist.

Despite the artist’s health issues with her voice, she has managed to shine in 2011.

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