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Acura NSX makes comedians salivate

Acura’s Super Bowl commercial pulls out all the stops

Acura’s NSX Super Bowl commercial is all the rage on YouTube today with over 15.5 million. The car commercial features comedian Jerry Seinfeld willing to do whatever necessary to be the first person to have the sleek looking ride.

Seinfeld leaves no stone unturned in trying to convince the gentleman who is ahead of him on the buyers list to let him be the first to own the coveted Acura NSX. Seinfeld offers up everything from a speed boat to a meal from the Soup Nazi. Though, as Seinfeld is finally about to be handed the Acura’s key, Jay Leno comes in with a jet pack flying squirrel suit, besting any of the offers that his fellow comedian made. In the end, Seinfeld is left empty handed and exclaimes, “Leno,” a clear homage of his classic annoyed reference about his former mailman neighbor.

The Acura NSX has been one of the biggest hits for the company after first rolling of the assembly line over two decades ago. The new design takes advantage of the efficiency of hybrid power and all-wheel-drive. Though, given the price of Acura’s products in general, it’s safe to bet that the new NSX will be out of most consumer price ranges. Oddly, with Acura’s commercial running nearly two minutes, with most companies paying 3.5 million for 30-seconds of airtime, the NSX is seen for less than five seconds.

MSN reports that the car will hit the North American market by 2015, and given the companies loyal fans, many are most likely already counting down the days.

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