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A Hopeless Romantic’s Guide to Valentine’s Day.

Elizabeth McNamara

Heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie

Feb. 14 is here

Every year we get reminded early about our relationships- or lack of relationships. Some may have the loves of their lives to spend the day with, but there are many of us girls who don’t know what to do. Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is a great day because it’s an excuse to eat a lot of candy. Now, that’s my kind of holiday!

Instead of searching for a random guy to take you out, stick with your girls and have the best Valentine’s Day ever.

1. Buy all the chocolate on the shelves. It’s usually discounted, so stalk up!
2. Watch sad movies like “The Vow,” “The Notebook” or “A Walk to Remember” with your girls. Only they understand the beauty of these masterpieces.
3. Light aromatherapy candles because they help relax you and make your place smell great.
4. It never hurts to have an amazing meal here or there. Get a group of girls and go out for some authentic sushi! Yum!
5. Spa night? I think yes. Grab those mud-masks and nail polish. What guy would ever do this with you? Consider yourself lucky.
6. Make a bunch of desserts because you don’t have to share with a guy who will eat all of them.
7. Shopping … given!
8. Blast Taylor Swift and dance around in your room. This will help you realize how lucky you are that you don’t have “boy drama.”
9. Isn’t Valentine’s Day on a Tuesday this year? Homework needs to get done, and its obvious people who had dates will not get to do it.
10. Just realize that you are so independent that guys are just intimidated by it because you just had the best Valentine’s Day ever without one.

Even though a date is what every girl wants on this Feb. 14, consider it a bonus that you don’t. I could think of a million more things to do tomorrow, and that’s what the best part of it is. It’s just another day. Live it up.

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