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A brief look into the world of gamer entitlement

Spoiler alert: You’re not entitled to jack.

There seems to be this crazy assumption that gamers are entitled to a world of unicorns and rainbows once they pay any amount of money for a video game. Allow me to break the harsh, but very true news to you; you’re not entitled to anything. Consider that life lesson free of charge.

Before Modern Warfare 3 even officially launched gamers took it upon themselves to tarnish the name of the game on review sites across the internet. Why? Well, because some of them felt entitled to more than their future selves got. A 5 hour campaign and more of the award-winning multiplayer wasn’t enough for them, no, they wanted Captain Price to crap Ford Focus’ into their driveways.  

According to Metacritic “reviewer” Dolar, “The most damning aspect is that it is the same game as MW1, MW2, and Black ops. Huge disappointment.” Naturally, he gave it a 0/10.

It seems this “same game” argument is becoming more and more common these days. Some people don’t realize that more of the same is what exactly what most fans of the series want when the previous entires were enjoyable. If you’re looking for the next installment in a modern military FPS to take the franchise in a different direction, then you’re just an idiot.

I understand that the point of a review is to give your honest opinion about the product you purchased. I’m all for honestly in the industry, but a Pepsi soda machine is not enough of a reason to rate a game 1/10. I’ve seen many instances where gamers complained that real world brands and advertisements were included in the game they bought. They felt entitled to an ad-free gaming experience since they paid $60 for the game.

And let’s not forget the great Left 4 Dead 2 boycott of 2009. Some gamers made a Steam group for the boycott, claiming that L4D2 coming out just a year after the original was offensive to fans would be utter tripe. Of course on launch day many of them changed their tune and ended up buying and playing the game after all.

If you’re going to be vocal about your problems, at least handle things like an adult. Rating games poorly just because you don’t agree with something extremely petty reflects badly on the gaming community. This trend needs to end.

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