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6 Convenient Summer Jobs for College Students

Adrianna Velazquez

Convenient Summer Jobs

Summer vacation gives college students a chance to get a step ahead of the competition by exploring jobs to build experience and learn a few things along the way. Here is a list of six employment options that can help you get the experience you need and put a few extra bucks in your pocket.

  1. Internship
    Although many internships are unpaid, enough research will lead you to discover some paid internships with companies in your respective field. The extra cash over the summer is nice, but don’t pass up an unpaid internship because they too offer something valuable.
  2. Server
    It isn’t the easiest job, but it can be rewarding. Dealing with patrons can be a challenging task but the benefits of becoming a server include some of the benefits are cash tips,  learning to work well under pressure and improving your memory skills.
  3. Freelance Writer
    Working as a freelance writer over the summer is a great option if you love writing. As a freelance writer you will gain valuable experience, learn to narrow your focus, and write concise copy. It’s convenient and often times you can do it from the comfort of your own home!
  4. Nanny
    There’s no better time to become a nanny than when school’s out and parents are faced with the challenge of finding a reliable nanny to look after their little ones. If you demonstrate creativity and responsibility then consider becoming a nanny.
  5. Tutor
    Have you always been a top performing student in school? Why not use your knowledge to help other students excel? Becoming a tutor is a great way to make extra money and looks great on your résumé.
  6. Brand Ambassador
    From tailgating events to college promotions and music festivals, brand ambassador jobs usually pay well and offer work schedules that are convenient with most work taking place on the weekends.

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