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20 fun date ideas (for when you're tired of dinner and a movie)

Jamie Ballard

1) Rent a canoe or pedal boat and take it out on a lake.
2) Go see an outdoor movie (generally common this time of year)
3) Find a meal you can cook together and make it. Then dress up, set out some candles and enjoy your home-cooked meal.
4) Turn on one of those TV music channels, or a local radio station, and dance around the living room, being silly.
5) Actually go out dancing. You can take lessons at many places, or just go freestyle!
6) Get ice cream and go for a really long walk.
7) If you’re near enough, go to the beach. (Bonus points if it’s nearing sunset.)
8) Do something athletic. Go for a run, go ice skating, go rollerblading, go play soccer in the park – get up and move!
9) Find a neighborhood or town that you’ve never gone to and go explore. Wander through shops and parks and attractions, and stop at the first restaurant that catches your fancy.
10) Build a giant fort. Make out in a giant fort.
11) Go bowling. Some campuses have bowling lanes on campus, and even if you don’t, there’s probably one nearby.
12) Look up events happening in your area and pick one to attend. Try and find something you’ve never done before.
13) Find a live concert at a coffeehouse or open mike night.
14) On a similar note, if there’s a band your significant other loves, surprise him or her with tickets to see them in your area (provided you have the budget for it.) Don’t tell your SO what your date is, just tell them to be free because you’re taking them out somewhere special.
15) If you guys are into reading, go to a bookstore and pick out a book to read together.
16) Go mini-golfing or to a driving range
17) Learn to play pool and go out to a billiards place or a bar or anywhere else that has a pool table. You can play one-on-one, or bring friends and play in teams. To up the stakes, make the loser buy drinks or food.
18) If you’re of age, go on a free tour of a local brewery or winery and pretend to be much classier than you actually are.
19) Go be a kid again and spend a day at the amusement parks
20) Find local farmers markets or street fairs in your area and check them them out.

A few words to the wise: When it comes to fun dates, people like to be surprised. Tell your date enough so that they’re not improperly dressed, and then surprise them with a hike or a walk on the beach.

Happy date night!

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