Elvis’ hair auctioned off along with Madonna’s lingerie

A lock of "The King's" hair sold for $4,000

WRITTEN BY: Scott Hixson
Elvis' hair goes to auction
Image Source: Luiz Fernando / Sonia Maria via Flickr
Elvis' hair goes to auction

Elvis’ hair, along with other rock and sports star memorabilia, was sold at the Music Icons and Sports Legends auction at Julien’s Auctions. In addition to a lock of “The King’s” hair, buyers could also bid on a notebook filled with handwritten lyrics from Michael Jackson and undergarments worn by pop icon Madonna during her concert touring.

Elvis’ hair fetched $4,000 at auction. It was clipped by the star’s favorite barber, Homer “Gil” Gilleland and came sealed in a vial which ought to preserve the strands for years to come.

In addition to being able to bid on Elvis’ hair, buyers were also able to purchase a motorcycle jacket worn by the singer and one of his necklaces. The motorcycle jacket fetched an impressive $41,600, while the necklace brought in $31,250.

Elvis’ hair proved to be one of the more affordable items auctioned off. The notebook containing handwritten Michael Jackson lyrics, including those to the immensely popular song Billie Jean, sold for $40,625. Jackson’s 1984 Video Music Award was purchased for a staggering $50,000, meanwhile, a pair of black loafers autographed by the singer fetched $18,750.

Madonna’s lingerie also brought in staggering figures. One pair, which she wore during her Blonde Ambition tour, sold for $34,375. Another piece of the star’s underwear sold for $13,750.

Deceased musicians such as Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse also had items available for sale at the auction.

A pair of Michael Jordan’s shoes, reportedly worn during his playing days, sold for $10,000 in the auction.