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DevilDriver Interview

DevilDriver’s Dez Fafara takes 10 to talk tour, family and weed

Groove-metal band DevilDriver are about to hit the road on their headline Bound by the Road North American tour after the release of their seventh studio album, Trust No One. 

Vocalist Dez Fafara gave College News a few minutes to talk yoga on tour, the importance of family and weed politics.

COLLEGE NEWS: First of all, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Let’s talk about the album release of Trust No One. How does this album represent the growth of DevilDriver compared with the last six studio albums? 
DevilDriver records always sound different in one way or another from each other but Trust No One has a very raw edge to it. Coupled with catchy hooks and groovy riffs (something we are known for), the record takes you to many places lyrically and is very cohesive. It’s our highest charting album to date. Most people who have heard it say we caught a certain energy on this one that defines our sound, I’ll agree.

CN: Where do you get inspiration for writing?
Inspiration comes from everywhere but primarily personal issues I have dealt with or watched others go through. I tend to write about the physiological view pertaining to how humans treat each other in different scenarios.

CN: The line-up for the North American tour looks great and you must be excited with this being the first headline tour for you in three years! How do you prepare for tour? 
Preparation is as follows: daily treadmill, yoga, eating right and get ready for a long, grindy tour. I’m excited the bill is great and this should be an amazing show. DevilDriver is bringing massive production, video walls etc. so people are going get what they pay for.

 “Honestly, what’s on the road stays on the road when it comes to stories”—Dez Fafara


CN: Do you have any funny stories from past tours to share?
Honestly what’s on the road stays on the road when it comes to stories, I’m always asked “”tell me about a funny thing on tour “”… my answer is always the same.

CN: Tell us about the very first show you ever had with DevilDriver?
We played at a small bar in Santa Barbara (where we originated) in front of maybe 200 people, it was a good start.

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CN: How is a typical day on tour for you? 
Go to bed about 3-4am—wake up about 1-2pm – stretch, have Tea, call my wife, get in some exercise, find a shower, find food, do interviews, do meet and greets, have some alone time – then two hours before show time the back lounge is jamming to music with good friends – then show time. Repeat (for 20 years).

CN: Is it hard being away from family when on tour? 
That’s the hardest thing as I’m a real family man and have been with my wife almost 19 years and I miss my kids (I have 3 sons) my great dane  cats etc.but I also go crazy at home as I’m built to be on the road it’s the only life I know so it’s a tough line to walk, but I manage.

CN: You took time off in November and December to record something “very special” and there have been rumours you might be producing Necrophagist’s new album. Let’s clear this up—is this true?
Not doing anything but hanging with my family in front of the fireplace taking much needed time off before this year gets kicking … I’ll do 280 shows minimum this year. 

CN: What is the next stage for DevilDriver once the tour finishes? 
Lots of touring this year and next year.

CN: Finally, (and a little off topic)—Weed. Should it be legal everywhere?
Yes, marijuana should be legal everywhere—not only for its calming power, but it’s medicinal powers as well. Big Pharma doesn’t want this because they would rather get seizure patients hooked on 30 different pills for thousands a month than watch a patient smoke a joint and immediately STOP tremors…
HEMP—no more cutting down trees for wood or paper products. 
SEEDS—most powerful source of protein on the planet. 
I could write a manifesto regarding this question.

Check out Devildriver in North America, here.

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