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Columbia University becomes first US University divest private prison industry

Columbia University will become the first college to divest from the private prison after the Board of Trustees voted on Monday. The university will divest its stocks from the industry and will not invest in anymore similar stocks. Rallies for the divestment were happening on campus since last year, when sit ins were held, such as one taught by Lee Bollinger, the University President.

Dunni Oduyemi wants to give the credit to students, especially students of color, who were very active in trying to get this divestment to happen. She was quoted as saying, “All of the work was done by students, especially students of color on this campus.”

The divestment is just the first step of attempting to rid the university of investing in “racist and classist system of incarceration and policing”.

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Learn how to treat yourself right: Our guide to sex toys

A writer from The Phoenix gives the rundown of the best sex toys that are on the market. Sometimes your best sex partner is yourself. There are many different sex toys on the market that can get you where you need to be. The Phoenix gives you the 411 on the best category of sex toys on the market.

Everything from bullet vibrators to quiet sex toys to ‘butt toys’ can help you out depending on what your sexual preferences are. 

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Dartbeat debates sophomore summers over and underrated parts

Falling in the vein of Pitchfork’s Over/Under series, Sophomore’s at Dartmouth take a look at what is overrated and underrated about their campus experiences.

Some highlights of the series include late night food spots, formal, ledges and the 4th of July.

Late Night FoCo: Unaminously voted underrated, Late Night FoCo is the “cat’s pajamas” and “almost worth sacrificing the hop for”

4th of July: 4th of July also was voted underrated and noted as a “great date spot”.

Ledges: Cliffs where you can take dives or hang out on the Dartmouth campus were voted overrated because they often result in injuries.

Joint-Formals: This one was split half and half between overrated and underrated. Having multiple formals on one night limits date choices, but sometimes being a third wheel can be fun.

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Rising junior booked with negligent homicide after shooting boyfriend

Nicole Dukarm, a junior at Tulane University was charged with homicide after accidentally shooting her boyfriend in the face. Dukarm was specifically charged with one count of negligent homicide when she had been playing with his gum and accidentally shot him in the face. She originally said that he had shot himself in the face, but later admitted that it was in fact herself who had the gun. 

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene when attempts to resuscitate failed. 

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Crimson Bachelorette Episode 1 Review

A group of Harvard students have created a satirical dating show called ‘The Crimson Bachelorette’; the first episode gives a funny look at the campus-dating situation. The show stars the fictional bachelorette, Chase Sui Wonders who has 10 potential love interests who are following her around and trying to become the last one standing. 

The first episode shows Chase attending a cocktail party with her potential man mates and watching their attempts to impress the Harvard student. 

Watch the first episode below:

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IU Study finds watching cat videos boost positivity

Don’t feel bad about heading down that slippery slope of cute cat videos  on YouTube. A study done at IU shows that watching cat videos online boosts positivity. The study done by Indiana University surveyed 7000 people and found that their increased cat viewing habits increased positivity and decreased negative emotions. Jessica Myrick, the IU Media School assistant professor, released a statement acknowledging that watching these adorable balls of fluff is actually an important study, considering how popular cat videos are now on the Internet.

“If we want to better understand the effects the Internet may have on us as individuals and on society, then researchers can’t ingore Internet cats anymore,” she said. The people in the study reported that after viewing these cat videos, they had more positive feelings after watching the media than negative feelings that happened as a result of procrastinating. 

“Even if they are wtahcing cat videos on YouTube to procrastinate or while they should be working, the emotional pay off may help people take on tough tasks afterwards.”

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Washington legislature approves budget that would decrease college tuition prices

On Monday, the Washington Legislature approved a two-year budget that would slice tuition by 15 to 20 percent, and simultaneous increasing state funding for higher education. Community college students would also see a decrease in tuition, around five percent. Both the budget and the tuition-policy still need the governor’s signature.

Washington isn’t the first state to propose tuition cutbacks (Minnesota passed a tuition cut for community college students for fall 2016), but the changes are larger than previous proposals.

Thomas L. Harnisch, director of state relations and policy analysis at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities told Associated Press that he’s never seen anything like the Washington plan in the eight years he has been tracking college tuition nationally.

Dustin Weeden, education policy specialist at the National Council of State Legislatures agreed. “Tuition freezes are much more common,” Weeden said. “You’d have to go back before the recession to find any other examples.”

According to Associated Press, many private universities are also beginning to consider tuition cutbacks, though they operate under a different budget than state-funded universities, and rely more on private donation.

For Washington students and families, this news brings tentative hope. “The lowering of tuition for resident undergraduates is great news for them and their parents,” University of Washington interim President Ana Mari Cauce said. However, she also cautioned parents to continue saving for college with potential tuition increases in mind, as she believes the cost may continue to go up and down.

What do you think? Should all states adopt a policy similar to Washington’s?