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Annie Oakley’s gun hits the auction block

Shotgun fetches over $143,400

Annie Oakley may be long gone, but one of the shotguns that helped make her famous went for over $143,400 at an auction in Dallas Sunday.

That auction was dubbed Legends of the Wild West, and it had roughly 100 of Annie Oakley items. The items came to market via Annie Oakley’s great-grandnieces, whom inherited the items from her mother who passed in 2009, reports the Associated Press.

 The items of Annie Oakley that were up for auction included numerous guns, a Stetson hat, photographs and letters.

The lot of the auction brought in almost $520,000.

Annie Oakley first came to fame as a sharpshooter in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show in the 1880s and 1890s.

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