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Your Last Minute Tech Gift Guide

Josh Smith

PANIC! You haven’t finished your Christmas shopping and it’s December 22nd. Now it’s crunch time and overnight delivery is your saving grace. But what to buy? Gift cards are the easy way out, clothes are always a gamble, but new technology is always a safe bet. Aside from having to teach Mom how to use whatever you buy, there’s something available that just about anybody’s life can be made easier.

em>SensoGlove – $89.00 – This handy gift idea (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun) is perfect for the golf enthusiast in your family. Whether they’re a novice or an expert, the SensoGlove is useful and will improve your game. Using specifically placed sensors, the glove gives feedback based on particular pressure points and directs golfers on where to apply or reduce pressure. The result is a surprisingly clear instruction on how to change your grip, which leads to straighter, longer shots. And despite the SensoGlove being packed full of tech-goodness, it still looks and feels like an everyday glove, important for anybody who doesn’t want a computer strapped to their arm as they play.

em>Google Chromecast – $35.00 – Bursting on to the market last summer was a piece of hardware that didn’t necessarily revolutionize the video streaming industry, but made it easier to access and cheaper to buy. Google’s Chromecast just shy of being “Plug & Play,” but nevertheless is brilliant. Using a tablet or a smartphone, you’ll be able to send your Youtube, Netflix, HBO Go, and other streaming services directly to your television at the push of a button. Instead of investing in a Roku Box or an internet-ready television, this HDMI-connected device does it all for you, all in high-def clarity.

em>Samsung Galaxy Gear – $299.00 – With our hardware capabilities hurling forward at the speed of light, it’s no surprise that Samsung has taken a stab at the wearable technology market. With their Galaxy Gear, your wrist becomes your Samsung smartphone or tablet. Kind of. With your phone safely tucked in your pocket or even on the other side of the room, you can monitor calls, emails, texts, even the weather right from your wrist. If you can get past the semi-uncomfortable straps, you’ll be able to find your phone at the push of a button, lock or unlock your device, or even take pictures and video from the built-in camera. The screen measures 1.63”, meaning it’s not too gaudy for those who prefer to keep a lower profile. For those that want to show off their hardware though, a range of colors from simple black or gray to lime green and orange (and more) are available. Wearable tech is still in its infancy, but if you’re looking to surprise someone with something to match another Samsung device, look no further.

em>Google Nexus 7 – $235.00 – Another summer announcement by Google, the Nexus 7 was designed and powered by Asus, a recognizable name in the PC industry. The 7” screen is common in the world of tablets, but the power packed within is what’s impressive. Powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and 2GB of RAM, the tablet can handle video — particularly gaming — very well. Packing 323 pixels per inch, when you’re watching videos on the device you’ll do so in surprising HD, fed through the dual-band WiFi. Two cameras, a nearly 4,000 mAH battery, stereo speakers (a rarity for tablets), and Bluetooth make this one of the surprising must-haves for 2013.

em>Samsung Galaxy S4 – $399.99 – What tech list would be complete without a smartphone, particularly one that feels as smooth as Samsung’s newest Galaxy model, the S4. Having a 5” screen might seem big for a phone, but the 1920×1080 resolution means that when you’re staring at that screen, you’re staring at it in HD. Powered by a 1.9 GHz Quad-Core Processor or 1.6 GHz Octa-Core Processor (it varies depending on market and carrier) and Android Jellybean, it’s fast either way you slice it. And running a 2,600 mAH battery means it’s got plenty of juice to get you through the day without needing a recharge. Good thing too, because the GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi can drain a battery quite fast. It’s got a hefty price tag, but those of you who act fast can get this phone from Verizon Wireless for just $50.00. Now tell me who wouldn’t have a happy holidays with that!

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