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You Heard It First! Go Digital. Get Ahead.

Jess Smith

Cengage Learning is taking over the way we learn

Going digital with your college courses is now more popular than ever

Did you know that 9 out of 10 students who try digital in their college courses don’t go back? Digital tools are quickly becoming one of the easiest and most efficient ways for students to up their game in the classroom. Need convincing? Below we have outlined several reasons why digital learning tools rock.

Personalized Learning

When it comes to how we learn, one size definitely does not fit all. Each person has their own way of learning, and that preferred style guides the way you learn, the way you recall information and the words you choose. Some students might be more verbal learners, while others might be more logical, social or visual learners. Luckily, the use of digital learning solutions allows you to customize your education to suit your own personal learning style. Check out what kind of learner you are here

Better Grades

Want a not-so-hidden secret of an A student?  Build a digital toolkit! Studies show that students who can customize their learning experience not only get better grades, they also get more out of college, period. Using a mix of reading, multimedia, activities and assessments, digital tools bring together a variety of different learning approaches so you can get the most out of studying and increase your information retention. And if you are thinking you have NO idea where to start, no need to fret- CengageBrain has you covered. Visit our Help for Digital Products page, which will help you get the most out of your digital products with “how to” documentation and materials at your fingertips.

Save Money

With the advancements of digital in education, you have more choice than ever before. Beyond just a textbook, for most courses there are a range of digital options at varying price points. In fact, in many cases, an all-digital solution is actually the least expensive solution AND, more importantly, the most effective. Better grades at a lower cost – can’t beat that!

Study Bursts

Findings from a recent study show that time management is one of the biggest challenges for college students today. And with how busy you are, it comes as no surprise that trying to juggle all of your different responsibilities is tough. One major complaint students have is how to schedule in major chunks of time to study. That’s because most students don’t realize that studying doesn’t have to mean cramming for hours. Taking advantage of small chunks of time- even as little as 5 minutes! – can have a major impact on information retention and focus. With mobile study tools, like Cengage Learning’s MindTap Mobile , you can take advantage of small windows of free time while you are on the go. MindTap Mobile features cool study tools like flashcards and quizzes to test your knowledge, in addition to organizational features like scheduling, notifications and messaging to help you stay organized across all of your MindTap courses, all in one place.

Tracking Progress

We get it: it’s college; grades are important. One of the major benefits to using digital is that most tools allow you to track your grades so you can stay up to date with how you are doing. Even better, tools like MindTap even have features that alert you if you start slip in a certain course. This way you can stay on top of your grades throughout the semester, and avoid any unexpected surprises when crunch time comes.

Stay Organized

Digital learning platforms like MindTap offer customizable tools for staying organized. And the cool thing is most of these products are designed based on real student feedback so they incorporate the features that are most important to you! Now you can organize your assignments, due dates and classes in one place helping you stay a step ahead of upcoming deadlines.

Integrating digital learning tools into your coursework and studying is a game-changer for increasing your productivity and improving your grades. Do yourself a favor and give digital a try – you’ll only be sorry you haven’t done it sooner!

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