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Xbox LIVE update causing problems for some users

Janelle Vreeland

Xbox 360 logo

Xbox LIVE update rolled out yesterday, transforming the Xbox 360 dashboard

The latest Xbox LIVE update rolled out yesterday with some users are now reporting connection errors.

Gamezone reports that some users were experiencing connection errors after downloading the Xbox LIVE update. One user reported, “Hello, I just updated my Xbox 360 250GB Slim console and now, it won’t connect to Xbox Live at all. I try to connect and it signs me in ten a pop-up about asking if I want the extra security with the requirement to put my ID password in every time I sign in pops up. I say no I don’t and then it returns to the sign in screen before signing me out again. I tried again this time saying ‘yes’ and got the same result.”

Major Nelson tweeted, “Some Xbox LIVE members are getting a connection error when signing in to LIVE. We are aware of the issue and the team is working it!”

According to the Xbox LIVE status page, all LIVE services are up and running. The only app experiencing difficulty is EPIX.

OXM reports that the Xbox LIVE updates will transform the Xbox 360 dashboard, allowing users to use Kinect voice control and navigate through a Metro-based interface. Windows 7 phones and Windows 8 are also built around Metro, tying the platforms and products together.

Check out screenshots and read more about the Xbox LIVE update here.

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