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Working out Your Playlist

Unique Artists to Get You Moving

What gets your blood pumping? When you build your workout playlist, what types of music do you choose? When creating a new choreography, or when planning a drill session for a group of students, I am always considering the mood of the tunes and how they will connect with the movements and retention of the moves.

While I do teach belly dance, which typically means choosing music from the Middle East, India, Turkey, or Greece, there are plenty of western musicians that have quite a lot to offer and even inspire a deep connection to the eastern roots they are based on.

Beats Antique
The allure of this modern gypsy band is clear if you are into the deep tones at solid beats of classic rock or modern drum and bass techno. It really is a unique blend of those rhythms, but there is more to it than those heavy hitting undertones. The rather circus like harmonies elicit emotions that range from child like recollection, to the somewhat twisted wonder of dark fantasy.

If you are into classical music and beautiful strings, as well as lovely ladies that play them, your ears will happily ring to the sounds of Escala. Amazing electric renditions of classical pieces that revive our aural fixation of the historic greats, are not the only pieces this all girl group takes a pluck at. As if drawing modern day into the past, they have taken great rock songs and tuned them into instrumental masterpieces.

Daler Mendhi
But there is no reason to forget about the modern pop that does spring from the source of classical belly dance. Daler is a far cry from the Bollywood classics of India. With songs that have a western pop feel that have infiltrated even the video gaming culture, these songs are not just for belly dancers. Anyone looking for a workout playlist that gets the blood pumping, should absolutely check out his albums.

These are just three music artists that inspire belly dancers to shake their hips and can offer anyone a great new workout soundtrack. Check out something different and see how just a change of tune can renew your workout.

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