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White PS4 Pre-Orders Open, but the White Xbox One Remains a Mystery

Katy Hollingsworth

Playstation has confirmed its white PS4 launch next month, but with conflicting comments from Microsoft, will gamers ever see the mythical white Xbox One?

When the Xbox One first launched, the question many gamers asked was when they could get it in white. Rumor had it that Microsoft employees had dibs on the white console and many sold for thousands of dollars on eBay.

Ever since, gamers have wondered when they’ll be able to pick up the white version. In a comment to Polygon, Microsoft confirmed that the white console would release later this year with titles such as Madden 15 or Sunset Overdrive.

However, when approached by Daily Star Online, Microsoft said it had no comment and nothing to announce at the time. 

Sony has already confirmed and announced that a white PS4 will be sold as a Destiny bundle next month and pre-orders are currently ongoing, so Microsoft isn’t helping sales by keeping gamers in the dark–or worse, providing conflicting information–about the white version of its newest console. Let’s hope they get their act together for the holiday season.

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